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New Gold Kodak CD and DVD to Safely Store for 80 to 300 Years

April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- New 24-karat gold CD-Rs and DVDs that extend the storage life of data, music and images for many decades are being introduced by KMP Media, LLC of Rochester, NY . Operating under trademark license from Eastman Kodak Company, KMP Media is marketing them as the Kodak Preservation CD-R and the Kodak Preservation DVD (-R).

"The gold Preservation CD-R can safely store digital data for up to 300years," said Steve Mizelle , President of KMP Media. "The gold Preservation DVD (-R) protects videos and other very large digital files for 80 to 100 years. This is especially important for consumers trying to save precious photos, critical data, music or movies."

In a recent issue of Computerworld Magazine, John Blau reported, "Unlike pressed original CDs, burned CDs have a relatively short life span of between two to five years, depending on the quality of the CD."

The silver reflective layer eventually tarnishes through exposure to light, heat, oxygen, humidity and rough handling. For some, this may mean the loss of key data or precious memories such as wedding and family photos.

The 24-karat gold reflective layer on the Kodak Preservation CD-R and Preservation DVD (-R) will not tarnish or oxidize. Phthalocyanine dye, an extremely stable medium for long life, is the primary data storage layer in the CD-R. In addition, triple layers of protection guard against heat, humidity, bright light and the effects of rough handling. The substrate of the CD-R is optical grade polycarbonate, better than many CDs on the market.

"For people trying to protect critical data, music, images or videos, the benefit is peace of mind," said Jim Gordon , Senior Vice President Sales for KMP Media. "They can be safely stored for much longer periods on these new discs." The discs will also serve a broad archival market for storing business, military, government and financial data and medical and dental X-rays.

The new gold CD-R and DVD (-R) are made to exacting manufacturing standards and tested for long life capability by subjecting them to accelerated exposure to extreme heat, humidity, bright lighting and other factors. The discs also withstand rough handling by protecting against up to290 grams of pressure on the disc surface, as shown by a diamond stylus test.

The innovative archival disks are available in jewel case packages for consumer use and spindles for commercial use. Both the gold CD-R and archival DVD (-R) are now available worldwide.