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New Free Application Enables One-Stop Photo Sharing
PowerSnap Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO , Calif., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- A free, downloadable application that enables users to automate photo sharing and organize digital photos, was introduced today by PowerSnap Inc.

The free application, PowerSnap 2.0, may be downloaded

"Until now, photographers -- including folks taking pictures on their cellphones -- had to juggle numerous different environments and passwords just to send, receive and manage their photos," says Santosh Jayaram, founder and CEO of PowerSnap. "There's no easy way to manage and share the mountains of unorganized photographs buried in people's computers.

"Now, for the first time, PowerSnap puts the user's entire photo experience all in one place. It creates the first communities based onimages, rather than words."

With the rise of digital photography, millions of people are taking billions of photographs and sharing them through the Internet. These pictures are stored on computers and shared using email or online photo sites, such as Flickr Yahoo! Photos, and Shutterfly.

PowerSnap 2.0 lets users automate photo sharing and enables digital photo organization so users can find all their pictures within a single easy-to-use application. For the first time users can manage all their photographs, automatically sending and receiving pictures in near real-time, and synchronize their uploaded albums with their desktop instead of struggling with multiple sites and applications.

PowerSnap not only creates the first true peer-to-peer network for photo sharing, but also offers a seamless, intuitive experience, comparable to sending email amongst different email providers -- an experience that until now was not possible with digital photographs.

PowerSnap works in conjunction with Flickr, a leading photo site owned byYahoo. PowerSnap is extending its connected vision to other photosites, currently integrating with Yahoo Photos, AOL Pictures, Sony Imagestation, Webshots, Buzznet and Smugmug. PowerSnap plans to announce further partnerships in the coming weeks. A Macintosh version of PowerSnap isexpected this Summer.

PowerSnap Inc. was founded in 2006 by Santosh Jayaram, former founder/CEO of Mietus, Inc. and Ayush Gupta, a technologist who has worked for Cisco, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems, Autodesk and Xerox; and Supreet Singh, a user interface pioneer who has worked on product design for Ford, IBM, HP,ESPN Star, SAP Labs, MTV Europe and British Telecom.

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