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New Book Combines Breathtaking Photography, Poetry to Inspire, Enlighten Readers

LARKSPUR, Calif., May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Larry Gerald's new book, "The Door is Open" (now available through AuthorHouse), is an inspiring collection of poetry accentuated by beautiful full-color photography that is sure to stir the soul.

"This book is a visual and poetic saga with images from Big Sur, PointReyes and other places on the Pacific Coast," explains the author. "[They are]images from the boundary of our world; beautiful moments captured."

His intention is for the book to serve as a portal for readers to touchthat magical being that lives inside, he says. The pictures found throughout these pages reflect the awesome beauty of nature, which Gerald experiences as a force connected to the very source of all creation. His poems offer aninvitation to enter a doorway from which to experience one's inner beauty and vast potential.

"My poetry connects you to an inner space that links you to unfathomable realms of ecstatic awareness, invoking 'the song of the heart,'" he says. In "Markers in Time," one can easily sense the author's heightened sensitivity toall that nature has to offer:

Pivotal moments,/ With doorways opening to a vast awareness,/ Today the door is open./ I dance in its wondrous light./ In the glory of being,/ Letting it flow,/ Letting the words flow,/ I dance with the beauty light./ Through the ocean of vast,/ In one love,/ Hearts meet in ecstatic celebration./ With hearts pounding,/ Drums pounding,/ The soul of the universe shines so much beauty./ This is an exquisite moment of sublime beauty./ All beauty exists in this moment./ A moment is a gateway to all existence and love./ Be connected to the moment.

"I write from that place just beyond my conscious mind," says Gerald. "Iusually write one word at a time, with no preconceived idea of how it will endup as a sentence, a paragraph, or a poem ... Each poem is like a communication with higher self, soul and spirit. Each poem holds great messages."

Gerald was born in Virginia and holds a bachelor's degree in electricalengineering from Old Dominion University. He works as a computer hardware engineer in Silicon Valley, Calif. He has explored most of the Golden State and considers Big Sur and Point Reyes his favorite places. He plans to publish a series of inspirational poetry/photography books. "The Door is Open" is his first. For more information, visit

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