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New Aleratec LightScribe-Enabled Tower Publishers Launched at CES Offer Stand Alone LightScribe Disc Publishing

Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2009 - 2009 International CES - Aleratec Inc., leading developer and manufacturer of "Prosumers' Choice" solutions for the USB, Flash, HDD, Blu-ray, DVD CD, duplicating and publishing markets announces today two new LightScribe-enabled Tower Publishers.

The new 1:3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLST can produce finished LightScribe discs in a stand alone mode without tying up a computer. There is also a USB 2.0 port that can access all three DVD recorders and the built in hard disk drive in the tower for those times customers need to create and test burn discs with intricate and detailed labels and/or complex data images. The powerful Aleratec Disc Publishing Software Suite is included free with purchase, so LightScribe direct disc labels with detailed text and graphics and data can be drag and dropped to the generous 320GB hard drive to run jobs later or burned directly to DVDs or CDs loaded in the machine's three recorders.

The 1:7 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLST produces finished published discs fast. Processing seven discs at once, it can make 3 to 4GB DVD copies or LightScribe labels burned to the discs in title mode at a speed of 84 discs per hour. It is a standalone system requiring no computer for copying or labeling discs. Earlier generation LightScribe publishers needed to be connected to a computer to burn labels.

Only Aleratec provides a USB fast key for direct USB access to a PC for drag and drop functionality to quickly load disc publishing files to the Tower Publisher's removable 320GB hard disk drive and a print Fast Key to directly access the LightScribe labeling function.

"We created the 1:3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS for those that need the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Customers want the ability to produce LightScribe labeled discs and use their computers for other tasks during disc publishing. Independent operation is one of the 1:3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS key attributes and for added convenience for the most discerning users to create and experiment with intricate label designs and complex data images, we have included the ability to directly access the machine's built in hard drive and DVD recorders, providing the easiest and fastest way to test new disc designs," stated Perry Solomon, Aleratec President and CEO.

"The 1:7 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS offers high throughput duplicating and labeling, making it a serious disc publishing tool that will benefit all prosumer users. We have even included a DVD-ROM drives in these publishers to make quick copies or labels from a source disc on the fly."

With the Aleratec USB Fast Key and a USB 2.0 connection to a PC, data and label image files can be drag and drop loaded to the Tower Publisher's hard drive. Source discs do not need to be physically loaded in the publisher. There is no searching for the right source discs and label files. Disc and Label images are always where they should be when copies are needed. Also, duplicating and labeling from a hard drive source is a more stable and reliable process than copying from a disc and it is faster.

"Aleratec's incorporation of LightScribe's in-drive direct to disc labeling technology into a tower disc publisher with the flexibility to create labels, do trial runs while connected to a PC, then do production runs as a stand alone system," said Kent Henscheid, LightScribe Marketing Manager. "The image handling features of Aleratec's 3rd generation high volume LightScribe disc publisher make it easy to create and quickly burn custom LightScribe labels."

With LightScribe there is no printer. Direct-to-disc labels are laser burned, crystal clear and professional-looking. No ink or other costly printing supplies are required. Aleratec Direct Disc Publishing Systems utilize LightScribe enabled DVD CD recorders and specially coated LightScribe media to produce precise, laser-etched, disc labels with superior sharpness and clarity.

LightScribe discs can be pre-labeled, for example, by department or classification level and appended with more detail later. With the added advantage of color coding, disc content can be immediately recognized, organized and properly managed. Now sensitive and classified information does not have to be sent offsite to be recorded or duplicated, which is especially important when that practice is forbidden.

Proudly assembled in the USA from components sourced globally, the Aleratec 1:3 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS LightScribe Disc Publishing System (Aleratec Part No. 260172) has the flexibility to work independently or connected to a computer for time and money saving convenience.

This innovative disc publishing powerhouse has a low Estimated Retail Price of $1,049. The Aleratec 1:7 DVD/CD Tower Publisher SLS LightScribe Disc Publishing System (Aleratec Part No. 260173) can produce up to 7 simultaneous DVD CD copies or clearly labeled discs. This stand alone disc production publisher has a low Estimated Retail Price of $1,575.

For best results Aleratec LightScribe Duplicator Grade media is recommended. Aleratec LightScribe v1.2 Duplicator Grade Media is optimized for LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling and use in demanding professional duplication applications.:

LightScribe DVD-R 16x v1.2 Duplicator Grade Media 100-Pack Part No. 230114, Estimated Retail Price $89.99

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