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MyPublisher Announces New iPhoto Plug-In
Press Release

NEW YORK, March 13 /PRNewswire/ -- MyPublisher, Inc., a leading provider of software and value-added printing services for digital photo users, announced today the availability of a free iPhoto plug-in that will allow Mac users to create their albums in iPhoto but then order the finished Photo Books directly from MyPublisher.

To encourage trial, MyPublisher is offering the first 5,000 Mac users who download the Plug-in a coupon for 1 free 20-page hardcover Photo Book so that they can experience firsthand MyPublisher's superior value, quality and service. To receive the free book coupon, Mac users just need to visit and download the free plug-in. This free book offer is for Mac iPhoto users only.

Over the last 5 years, MyPublisher has established itself as the leading producer of custom, coffee-table-quality Photo Books, a fast-growing new category that is driven by digital photo users desire for value-added printing services. Unlike standard 4 x 6 prints, MyPublisher's Photo Books offer the customer the opportunity to add personalization and design to their photos. Additionally, MyPublisher's Photo Books offer a built-in packaging solution that provides the consumer a great way to share and store his photos.

Apple Computer was one of the earliest software and hardware companies to recognize the value of MyPublisher's Photo Books and built a Photo Book feature into the first version of iPhoto in 2002. Since then, it has become an increasingly popular feature for iPhoto users.

According to Carl Navarre, CEO of MyPublisher: "For years iPhoto customers have been asking if they could order directly from us instead of Apple. Recently we started following the iPhoto Chat Boards and found that there is some customer dissatisfaction with the quality of the printing and binding in the books ordered from Apple and also with the turn-around and delivery times for their orders. So we created this iPhoto Plug-in and are offering it free to give Apple users a choice. We believe MyPublisher can provide them superior printing and binding -- the actual technology and machinery we use are very different from what Apple uses -- and faster turn-around and delivery. We also intend to provide them with better value and better pricing through a variety of price promotions we'll be offering customers throughout the year. And for users in the United Kingdom and Europe , we believe we have a clearly superior value proposition. Because we have our own manufacturing and shipping facility in Bedford, England, about 60 miles from London , we can deliver books to customers in just 3 to 4 days at a shipping cost that's about half of what Apple charges. Currently orders from Apple to Europe are produced in the U.S. and take anywhere from 14 to 25 days to get delivered."