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MultiMediaCard Association and JEDEC Collaborate on MMC Standardization
Making MMC specifications the most widely recognized set of standards for memory cards globally
Press Release

Sunol, Calif –March 8, 2006 - The MultiMediaCard Association (MMCA) and JEDEC today announced that they have entered into a collaborative agreement under which they will work together to develop MMC memory card specifications as a joint set of standards to be adopted by both organizations.

Under the agreement, the MMCA and JEDEC will form a Joint Task Force for the standardization work in which member companies from both organizations will participate.

According to Yves Leonard, Chairman of the MMCA Board of Directors, “This historic collaboration between the MMCA and JEDEC will greatly extend the push for unified open standards for multimedia cards. By joining forces, we will be able to stand behind the most comprehensive, open memory card standard in the industry, one that will result in MMCs becoming the global standard-bearer of memory cards.” JEDEC

Chairman Mian Quddus said, “JEDEC-approved standards are often viewed as a requirement by many system designers. With MMCs prevalent in handheld consumer electronics (CE), and MMC interface protocols being built into many system architectures, it’s a natural step to align MMC specifications with the complete range of CE system memory standards from JEDEC. The results of this collaboration will provide a tremendous focal point for the advancement of multimedia applications throughout the industry.”