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Mitsubishi Imaging Paper the Town at PMA

RYE, NY and PMA - From smooth and glossy to textured and woven, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., is proud to show its best inkjet photo media at the 2009 PMA International Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Visitors are welcome at Mitsubishi Booth #M191

"Our inkjet papers serve photo professionals of all types - from photo labs to agencies and artists," said Steven Vallario, Director of Digital Imaging Marketing at Mitsubishi Imaging. "We know inkjet media inside and out. It's the main reason why the Mitsubishi papers on display at PMA 09 have won awards and attracted a devoted following."

Among the inkjet papers on display are three new papers, Mitsubishi Grace Inkjet Drylab Paper and NFF130 and NFE130 Microporous Inkjet medias.

Mitsubishi Grace Inkjet Drylab paper is specially created for dry inkjet minilabs, which are very earth-friendly because they eliminate all processing chemicals. Mitsubishi Grace Inkjet Drylab Paper features a microporous coating on traditional resin coated photo-base paper. It offers excellent image clarity and print quality, a wide color gamut, high black densities and long-lasting, fade-resistant prints. It works with all major brands of dry inkjet minilab systems.

NFF130 and NFE130 Microporous Inkjet media were created for desktop cut sheet and wide-format roll applications. They feature our instant-dry, microporous coating on resin coated photo-base paper. NFE is a luster surface finish. NFF130 is a glossy surface finish.

Joining these papers are three recently introduced Pictorico photo papers. Pictorico is the premium inkjet photo and fine art media for professional photographers and artists.

Pictorico ART Cotton has a soft, elegant texture with a smooth surface. Pictorico ART Cotton Texture I has a unique grain texture. Both papers are 100 percent cotton and acid-free. They are ideal for a broad range of fine art prints, from photos to paintings.

Pictorico ART Kenaf and ART Kenaf Unryu are elegant papers that bring the beauty and art of Japanese Washi paper to inkjet printers. They feature tiny ribbons of fiber woven throughout and produce excellent photo images. They are ideal for a broad range of fine art prints. Both sides are printable. Kenaf is one of the most promising non-wood alternatives for paper production.

PRO Photo Canvas has a beautiful, woven coating that simulates canvas yet produces sharp, rich images. PRO Photo Canvas adds texture and dimension to fine art prints, making it ideally suited for professional photographers and artists.

Mitsubishi Imaging is a leading provider of state-of-the-art imaging products and technical expertise to printers in both North and South America. It supplies innovative CTP solutions to the printing industry, incorporating the benchmark SilverMasterŪ and Silver DigiPlateTM plate materials. Mitsubishi Imaging also provides the widest range of inkjet media to meet any high resolution imaging need, and offers its branded Diamond Jet inkjet substrates for proofing, photo and poster printing applications. Mitsubishi Imaging is the exclusive distributor of Pictorico inkjet products in the Americas. Visit for more information.