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Meteor Launches the DP20

Meteor Launches the DP20 The MGI Meteor DP20 (C) is the industry's first all-inclusive digital photo press.

PMA--The MGI Meteor DP20 (C) is the industry's first all-inclusive digital photo press. The unit's streamlined 4-in-1 capabilities allow users to duplex print, laminate, crease and cut in just one pass, with all functions fully automated.

The 100% digital Meteor DP20 uses an environmentally-friendly dry process (no water or chemicals to drain, no film required) and can accommodate most off-the-shelf papers up to 12 x 18" (Book Cover mode accepts sheets up to 12 x 35") and up to 95lb (250gsm). Full variable data capabilities allow for easy personalization, including unique text, photos and many others, which are easily integrated with photorealistic prints at up to 1800dpi.

In-line finishing functions include lamination with matte or glossy film (can even be combined for glossy on one side, matte on the other), horizontal and vertical cutting (allows for production of photo prints in a variety of sizes), and horizontal and vertical creasing.

The MeteorDP20 is a revolutionary unit that introduces capabilities that the photo industry has not previously seen, the product of MGI's 26 years of innovation in printing and finishing for the digital graphics industry. With the ability to create photo books and other products in just one step (auto duplex print, laminate, crease and cut in just one pass), users can streamline the process, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective production. No other digital press on the market offers the "total package" that the Meteor DP20 brings to the table.

In today's challenging economy, users are looking for ways to maximize their dollar and expand their business offerings, and the Meteor DP20's capabilities provide users an affordable, compact unit with the versatility to offer additional profit centers to customers.

With the Meteor DP20, users gain a "business in a box" that allows them to expand their product offerings beyond not just photo books and prints, but can now offer customers premium printing services such as brochures, flyers, menus, direct mail, greeting cards, and a host of others (in other words, basically anything that can be printed on a 4-color press). Photo centers can become a "one-stop-shop" for virtually all of their audience's printing needs, which ensures customer loyalty and allows for additional business opportunities.

The Meteor DP20 is ideally suited for the booming photo book market, producing up to 10 high quality digital photo books per hour (print to print) with profit margins of up to 75% (a 24 page/12 sheet photo book with a hard cover sold at $30 to $35 will cost less than $ 9.00 to produce).

In addition, the Meteor DP20 is designed for easy integration with layout software, including MGI's own PhotoWorkShop.