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MINOX Named Exclusive USA Distributor For Nissin Electronic Digital Flash Units

Nissin, one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units, will now market its quality products in the United States, with a new working relationship announced by Arnd Abraham, director of sales and marketing of MINOX USA. Minox becomes the exclusive Nissin distributor in America.

"Nissin is a perfect match with Minox, known for providing high-quality optics, with unique features, delivering high performance-value," Abraham said. "This will serve as an appropriate complement to our expanding line of optics and photographic products."

Nissin has supplied high-quality lighting to the worldwide photographic community since1959. Innovative leaders, Nissin created its first professionally oriented flash in 1967, and in 1987 they introduced dedicated auto-focus flashes featuring the now-common red beam focus assist light.

In 2007, Nissin organized a flash unit for digital SLR cameras, leading to introduction of their groundbreaking Di622 with the advanced technology of its digital TTL system. They have continued to expand this line and are introducing further advances for 2009. With this successful track record, Nissin should be well-received in America, Abraham said.

MINOX USA is known for their expanding line of innovative and performance-value optics, including a wide range of binoculars, spotting scopes and digital cameras, and now adds this new dimension as exclusive Nissin Digital Flash distributor in the USA.