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MACtac Application Nation Releases Instructional Vehicle Graphic Installation Video

STOW, Ohio -- Nov. 25, 2008 -- As the latest resource from MACtac® Graphic Products' Application Nation program, the company is unveiling a new instructional installation video. An educational tool created specifically for vehicle wrap installers, the video takes the viewer step-by-step through the process of vehicle graphic installation and offers technique and style tips for guaranteed success.

The 20-minute video is organized into chapters that cover all of the essentials from preparation, material and tools to the finishing process. MACtac Graphic Products experts Jeff Stadelman, Technical Marketing Manager, and Jason Yard, Application Specialist, provide professional commentary and instruction on the video. Viewers will appreciate the fast pace of the action in addition to a straight-forward approach and easy-to-follow instructions, which come from many years of experience in working with digital media and vehicle graphics.

Highlights of the video include:

*Product selection and tools needed

*Preparation tips and plan of attack

*Installation tips for covering each individual part of the vehicle

*How to handle complex areas

*Working with perforated window films

*Finishing steps after graphics are installed

"Vehicle wraps are becoming the face of outdoor advertising," Yard said. "It is estimated that a single wrapped vehicle receives anywhere between 30,000 to 70,000 views during the life of the graphic. Because of the high demand for vehicle wrap installations, our team felt a professionally made instructional video would appeal to graphics professionals who are interested in ongoing learning while providing a visual resource for the utmost installation success."

As part of the Application Nation program, the new video will be available for Application Nation members on MACtac's Application Nation Web site, an online community for graphics professionals located at

The site, which launched in March of 2008, is a popular home to installers and other graphics industry experts, where they can share ideas and tips as well as get information and news on current graphic installation trends. Installers can also come to this site for MACtac product recommendations, a schedule of MACtac's two-day Application Nation training sessions, inspiration for new projects, installation techniques, and to ask questions or interact with other professionals in the industry.

The Application Nation movement began with professionals seeking education for MACtac's industry-leading IMAGin® B-free digital wrap media. Hundreds of individuals have now taken part in Application Nation's two-day vehicle wrap training sessions, which have been taking place around the country since spring of 2007. Now, Application Nation is much more than hands-on training; it combines multi-media technology alongside real dialogue to benefit the graphics industry.