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"Lost" Film Zapped by Airport Screeners, Not Unlike Trials of Today's Photographers
The Seattle Times

HONOLULU--Film from ABC's hit show "Lost" was ruined when security employees at Honolulu International Airport accidentally X-rayed canisters holding it despite labels warning not to do so.

The show's crew had to reshoot the scenes because there were no copies.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened," said state Film Commissioner Donne Dawson, adding that steps have been taken to keep it from happening again.

The loss will not affect the broadcast schedule for the popular show, said co-executive producer Jean Higgins.

Higgins declined to say how much the gaffe cost ABC. "That's proprietary information between us and the insurance company," she said. "We've already reshot."

Having to reshoot film is a monumental issue, said Anne Misawa, a film producer and instructor at the University of Hawaii Academy for Creative Media. A reshoot involves paying added costs for actors and venues.

For a commercial, those costs could easily top $100,000, and for a big-budget production such as "Lost," a reshoot could be more expensive.

"Lost" reportedly spends $1.5 million to $2 million or more an episode, with about 200 full- and part-time workers. It normally takes about eight days to shoot an episode; if one day's worth of film was destroyed, the cost could be close to $200,000.

A commercial for Bank of Hawaii also was accidentally X-rayed and ruined the same day the "Lost" film was X-rayed.

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