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LifePics Launches Online Digital Imaging Solution For Brookshire Grocery

Boulder, CO, December 16, 2007 - LifePics announced today that it is now the online digital imaging solutions provider for Brookshire Grocery Co., a Texas-based supermarket chain known for high quality products and outstanding customer service. Using the LifePics solution, Brookshire's will offer its customers a very broad range of prints and photo products. LifePics will also provide the company with several consumer-oriented services, such as digital photography-related educational consumer emails, written by professional photographers and tailored specifically for the average photo enthusiast.

"We are very excited to be expanding our Web site offerings by adding the convenience of online photofinishing for our customers," said Rebecca Sanders, Vice President of Marketing at Brookshire's. "LifePics has a well-established reputation for service that reflects our own, and we are confident that our customers will be very pleased."

Educational consumer emails are just one of several consumer-oriented services unique to the LifePics solution. The emails are sent directly to consumers who elect to receive them, and provide photography tips for various topics, often related to the time of year they are sent. Consumers are encouraged to branch out from basic photography techniques and explore fun and easy methods used by professional photographers. In addition, the consumer emails are branded with Brookshire Grocery Co.'s logo and custom advertisements.

"Educational consumer emails are one of the many personal and unique services we offer as part of our online platform," said Vahe Christianian, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at LifePics. "We knew Brookshire Grocery Co. would be excited about this aspect of our solution because they already have a reputation for excellent customer service on a personal level. Our consumer emails are just one area of the LifePics solution that will make Brookshire's online photo services effective and profitable."

LifePics is the market leader in online imaging solutions for photofinishers and professional photographers. Using LifePics' technology, photofinishers and professional photographers are able to accept orders from consumers via the Internet and send those orders directly to a photofinishing lab that is most convenient to the consumer.

More retailers use LifePics than any other online imaging solution. LifePics' customers include mass merchants, large food and drug chains, local camera shops, and independent photofinishers. Retailers offer the service at more than 13,000 stores across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. LifePics works closely with retailers to help build their online photo businesses.

LifePics is an open solution that works with a variety of photo software providers and photo Web sites. In addition, the service supports a number of different print options - orders can be sent directly to stores or routed to major wholesalers, gift providers, photo book manufacturers, or a variety of other printers.

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Brookshire Grocery Co.'s beginning stretches back to 1928 when Wood T. Brookshire founded the company with strong convictions in a "people first" operating philosophy, encouraging a service-driven attitude among all who worked alongside him. He recognized the grocery business as his calling - a way to serve his fellowmen by providing fair-priced products of the highest quality for consumers and a partner-style work environment for employees.

As the company grew, with stores starting to pop up across East Texas, Brookshire's opened its first warehouse in 1953. Through the years, the company continued to experience healthy growth, building new stores in new markets and branching into even more territories by acquiring stores from other operators.

Today, Brookshire Grocery Co. has more than 150 supermarkets operating in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi under four distinct banners:

Brookshire's Food Stores Full-service supermarkets featuring everything from specialty departments to carryout service; Super 1 Foods Stores Upscale warehouse-style stores with lower operating costs passed on to consumers; Ol Foods Heavy emphasis on meeting the demands of Hispanic consumers; and ALPS (Always Low Price Store) Prototype discount-store format.