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LifePics Is New Online Imaging Solutions Provider for ShopRite

BOULDER, Colo., Aug 1, 2008 - Wakefern Food Corp., the marketing and distribution arm for ShopRite, announced today that it has launched a new online imaging service provided by LifePics, offering ShopRite customers more print sizes, photo products, order fulfillment options, and customer service than ShopRite's previous online imaging service. ShopRite customers can now store, share, and order prints and hundreds of other photo products online and pick up their orders at their local ShopRite store or have the orders sent directly to their home.

"The new LifePics solution is a wonderful addition to our products and services offering," said Karen Meleta, spokeswoman for Wakefern. "The transition to LifePics has been seamless, and LifePics' expanded offering of fun and creative photo products is certain to appeal to our customers."

With the new LifePics service, ShopRite customers can order from hundreds of print sizes and customized photo products, including calendars (single and multi-page), photo books (several sizes and styles), greeting cards, mouse pads, sports memorabilia, kitchenware, clothing, enlargements, canvas prints, toys, and much more. The orders can be shipped to the consumer's home or picked up at the ShopRite location that is most convenient to the consumer. There are currently over 200 ShopRite locations throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware.

"ShopRite is one of the most reputable grocery businesses in the country, and we are thrilled to partner with them in their online imaging service," said Vahe Christianian, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at LifePics.

"Our solution facilitates order volume growth by establishing a personal connection between ShopRite stores and consumers, providing a wide range of products, and offering convenient order fulfillment options. ShopRite is dedicated to excellent customer service and product value, and with the LifePics online imaging solution in place, they are poised to become one of the leading photofinishers on the East coast."

LifePics is the market leader in driving digital photo orders to photofinishers and professional photographers. Using LifePics' technology, photofinishers and professional photographers are able to accept orders from consumers via the Internet and send those orders directly to their in-house labs or other specified wholesale labs that are most convenient to the consumer.

LifePics also provides the most Web-integrated kiosk solutions in the imaging industry, and has developed an Image Management Software suite for managing, editing, synchronizing, and ordering images online.

More retailers use LifePics than any other Internet-enabled photo ordering solution. LifePics' customers include mass merchants, large food and drug chains, local camera shops, and independent photofinishers. Retailers offer the service at more than 20,000 stores across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. LifePics works closely with retailers to help build their online photo businesses.

LifePics is an open solution that works with a variety of photo software providers and photo Web sites. In addition, the service supports a number of different print options - orders can be sent directly to stores for 1-hour service, or routed to major wholesalers, gift providers, photo book manufacturers, or a variety of other printers.

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