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Kubota Image Tools Takes Trip to Rwanda, Africa
source: Kubota

For one week in July 2008, Kubota Image Tools closed its doors so several members of the company's staff could visit Rwanda, Africa, to experience first-hand what they could do to help the orphaned children of this east-central African country halfway around the world.

It was a life changing experience for all involved including Kevin Kubota, his wife Clare, Eryn Wagner, Amber Larkin, Lindsey Isaacson, local photographer Ben Edwards and his wife Lauren and Canadian photographer Tracey Harper seen pictured here along with some of their new friends in Rwanda.

The Kubota Image Tools team provided hands-on assistance where it was needed and brought monetary gifts to allow this community in dire need to purchase basic living necessities and to provide schooling to the orphan children - which is often their only hope for a better future.

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation that will go 100% to this grass-roots organization in Rwanda, please visit Kevin's blog page for more information: