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Kodak Names Its First Chief Blogger

Graphic from her personal blog page.
Jennifer Cisney

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Apr. 3 -- Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) today announced that it has named Jennifer Cisney as the company’s first Chief Blogger. Cisney will provide daily oversight and creative guidance for Kodak’s two blogs – “A Thousand Words” and “A Thousand Nerds” – and will boost the company’s social media presence. In addition, Cisney will serve as the company’s eyes and ears online, listening to customer feedback and sharing ideas and tips related to Kodak’s products and services.

“Just over ten percent of Fortune 500 companies have public blogs. Fewer still have Chief Bloggers, and Kodak is among the first to name a female Chief Blogger,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Business Development Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “As Kodak continues to break new ground in the imaging industry with our innovative products and services, we are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of social media by utilizing the talents of our people.”

A 10-year Kodak employee and formerly an Information Designer for, Cisney has been a valuable part of Kodak’s blog team, helping to drive Kodak’s blogging strategy, increase online traffic, and strengthen Kodak’s online reputation. Cisney has represented Kodak at a number of conferences, including BlogHer and BlogWorld, and is speaking today at BlogHer Business 2008 in New York about the impact of Kodak’s blogs on employee morale. Cisney spoke at Media Relations Summit 2008 in San Francisco and will also speak at the 2008 Corporate Communication and Technology Conference in New York City in May. A regular contributor to “A Thousand Words,” Cisney has blogged on a range of topics, from how to make an empty Valentine’s candy box into a picture frame, to photo industry coverage at CES, to Kodak’s appearances on The Celebrity Apprentice.

“I am really excited to take this job on full-time because blogging is something I’m obsessed with anyhow. Like so many people at Kodak, I am a nut about taking pictures and creating projects and I love being able to share that,” said Cisney. “It’s great that Kodak is active in the blogosphere – it gives us a chance to get our message out there and hear what people have to say to us in return. I am so glad that our blog is appreciated within Kodak, and in turn I believe that makes the employees feel important.”

Cisney is a pioneer in the blogosphere, posting daily on her own personal blog at She also blogs for the Insider, a publication of the Rochester, N.Y. Democrat & Chronicle. Cisney has been featured in two craft books and also shares her creative photography ideas in sixty-second radio spots for Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow,” a technology and consumer electronics show.

“Jenny is widely recognized in the blogging community for her creativity and expertise,” Hayzlett continued. “Our blogs are an important vehicle for us to communicate with our customers, and connect and interact with consumers. We are excited to have her in this new lead role as we grow our company, strengthen our online presence, and take Kodak’s social media activities to the next level.” As Chief Blogger, Cisney will be a frequent contributor to “A Thousand Words,” blogging about human interest stories, creative photo tips and projects, and life at Kodak. She will also generate content for “Kodak Close Up” podcasts, available on, iTunes and YouTube; provide on-site coverage at trade shows and events, including NASCAR; and continue to represent Kodak at social media conferences.

Kodak has received widespread recognition for its blogs. The recently released book Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online by Andy Beal and Judy Strauss commends Kodak for its engaging approach to blogging and features Cisney’s popular Dog Photography blog. PR Week named Kodak among “5 corporate blogs that built buzz” in its 2007 Book of Lists. Kodak has also been named one of “5 examples of effective corporate blogs” by Debbie Weil, corporate blogging and social media consultant, and author. Launched in 2006, Kodak’s blog “A Thousands Words” ( features personal stories from employees worldwide, while its second blog, “A Thousand Nerds,” ( launched in 2007, shares stories about Kodak technology and innovation.