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Ink2Image Launches Inaugural Website

Glenview, IL (September 18, 2007) Ink2Image, a Glenview, IL-based distributor of digital inks, media, bulk-feed systems and related products to the photography and fine arts industries, has published its inaugural website at Ink2Image is the exclusive North American distributor of Nazdar's LYSON branded products for the photography and fine arts markets.

"The publication of this website means that photographers and service bureaus now have easy online access to the latest Lyson technologies," says Tony Martin, founder and President of Ink2Image. "For photographers, printmakers, and artists, Lyson is synonymous with the finest quality In digital ink and image reproduction. Our website provides them an authoritative resource for the Lyson products they have come to rely on, new Lyson innovations, as well as our own bulk feed systems, archival media, protective lacquers, cleaning products, consulting services, and more." has been designed for simple navigation, and includes detailed product and pricing information, dealer listings, and support information. New products are featured prominently on the home page, facilitating user access to breaking inkjet imaging technology.

For more information, go to or call Ink2Image at 847-827-0747.