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Industry Exclusive: Bing Liem Joins Fujifilm In Major Reorganization Insider

Jerry Lansky

Bing Liem, formerly the president of AgfaPhoto USA , has joined Fujifilm as vice president of sales, as part of a complete re-organization of the Imaging Group which also involves the re-assignment of many top executives to new positions.

In addition, it is understood that a number of employees from the field and headquarters locations will be terminated in a downsizing of the firm.

A Fujifilm spokesperson would not comment on the reorganization at this time but said that an official statement would be made “shortly.”

The realignment of the Imaging Group into what will now be called the Imaging Division was announced in an internal memo on May 3 by Hank Hayashi who is continuing his title of senior vice president & general manager.

The memo read: “The current Photo Capture and Photofinishing & Web Services divisions will no longer exist and will be replaced with separate consolidated sales, marketing, market support, product & systems development and technical services departments. This will enable us to respond to customer needs and improve internal efficiencies most effectively.”

The original announcement of Liem's hiring was made internally on April 17 though it was never made public. He has been a high profile executive in the photo business as president of AgfaPhoto, a firm he joined in the early 1980's, where he rose through the ranks of sales and marketing becoming president and CEO of AgfaPhoto in 2001 with responsibility for Canada and Mexico as well as the USA.

Though the last of the major minilab manufacturers to offer a digital system, Liem's Agfa group launched the 'd' lab which became a highly popular series among Agfa's strongest customer base, the independent photo specialist. Among its success with that system, Agfa dethroned Fuji as the exclusive supplier to the huge Walgreens chain. His new association with Fuji could help cement stronger ties with the Walgreens account.

In his new position of vice president of sales, according to the Fujifilm memo, Liem “will oversee the consolidated Imaging Division Sales Organization.” In addition, “Bing will directly oversee the National Account Teams for Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Ritz, and Costco, as well as Special Market Sales, Pro Market Sales, and, Chemistry and Special Lab Sales.”

Reporting to Liem will be Herb Baer who has been appointed to the post of vice president, sales—strategic accounts.

Other new appointments detailed in the memo are for personnel that had previous executive positions:

Joe Vaughey, vice president, planning, product management and sales administration; Gael Lundeen, vice president, marketing and strategic analysis; John Prendergast, vice president, product and systems development; Ron Santos will continue as vice president, technical services, and Hiro Sakai will continue as senior vice president, strategic planning.

With the exception of Baer, these executives will all report to Mr. Hayashi.