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ImageSpan Adds Digital Content Tracker to LicenseStream Creator Pro

NEW YORK, NY - October 23, 2008 - ImageSpan Inc., which provides a digital content licensing and billing settlement platform, recently announced the addition of a new content tracker to its Web-based LicenseStream Creator PRO service, delivering the first service to offer both tracking and licensing to creators and owners of digital content. LicenseStream Creator PRO offers additional licensing, reporting and publishing flexibility and options to the standard LicenseStream service for photographers, videographers, illustrators and other providers of digital content.

The new tracker helps content creators find their digital content online, providing them with a view into where and how it is used. ImageSpan has also added automated options to convert non-paying content consumers into paying customers. This helps content creators obtain more value from their photos, video and other digital assets as they get distributed on the Web. Until today, tools this powerful were available only for large enterprises.

"Content creators and owners have long sought a combined service that provides visibility into where their content is going online, how it is being used, and then automates licensing and billing transactions to facilitate the flow of royalty payments," said Iain Scholnick, chief executive officer and president, ImageSpan.

"With this new tracker feature, LicenseStream Creator PRO puts licensing and tracking control into the hands of content owners and creators, seamlessly helping them to pursue untapped opportunities for new licensing, advertising and distribution while providing a means to resolve potential infringement issues Internet-wide. The addition of this new tracker makes LicenseStream Creator PRO the complete solution."

LicenseStream Creator PRO enables subscribers to embed into their content's metadata terms of use, including where the content can be used, for how long, in what geographies, etc. The new tracker continuously monitors billions of photographs, videos and other content on the Internet to locate a LicenseStream subscriber's digital assets with high rates of accuracy.

In instances where terms of use for content have been infringed, a subscriber can select from any number of automatically generated email responses. These range from offering the opportunity to legally license the content, to requesting a link back to the content owner's site, inserting the content owner's ad feed, sharing ad revenues or issuing a take-down request.

The service monitors to see when action is taken and reports back to the content owner.

"It's a no-brainer for me to sign up for this new integrated service -- it provides the support I need to track, market and to grow my business as a designer and provider of images," said Clement Mok, chief executive officer, Visual Symbols Library, who is widely recognized as a pioneer within the interactive marketing industry and the designer on the launch of the original Macintosh from Apple.

"The ability to track content usage is a powerful idea. The addition makes LicenseStream Creator PRO a simple, flexible and invaluable tool and resource."