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Image Warehouse Unveils New Deal For Photographers
source: Image Warehouse

PRINCETON, N.J (OCTOBER 2008) -Image Warehouse is reaching out anew in our changing business climate and building its client roster, with better deals and services than are available anywhere else.

"We want everyone to know that there is a stock company that is looking out for the individual photographer and artist," said Carroll Seghers, president of Image Warehouse. "We are lighting the technology path to widen more profitable access to your work."

To better serve its active professional photographer & artist clients, Image Warehouse is committed to the following:

* Inventory that is original client stock only

We do not buy or own other people's images or hire photographers to shoot images. Therefore there is no "conflict of interest" like at some of the "big stock houses," where they favor company-owned images vs. contributed images due to revenue split.

*100% Transparency of Sales

When a picture license is sold, the photographer is sent an email with the information and the sales data is recorded in their "My Account" area, on a real-time basis.

*Image Warehouse offers account choices

With the new Image Warehouse Sellers Account, artists can upload and offer their images for sale for free (with no archiving fee).

The Image Warehouse Full Service Account is for those who want "best practices" backup protection of their high quality images at a modest monthly fee, along with the bonus ability to publish images for sale.

* Standard Sales Commission fee is 15% on all sales

The best payout rate (85%) for contributing artists, with no out-of-pocket expense for credit cards.

* No exclusivity requirement

Image Warehouse hopes to earn your trust and respect your freedom of choice

*The Image Warehouse site is GoogleŽ searchable

Unlike many stock sites that do not allow Google-bots access to their images' keywords, Image Warehouse keywords are visible and therefore provide "organic ranking" positioning in the Google "natural search" results area. This is the most respected reference area, resulting in greater new buyer traffic.

*Image Warehouse is photographer & artist-driven

The images that are published are selected by the photographer, keyworded and priced by the client, who also decides what license rights will be offered (e.g. Rights-managed Editorial / Commercial or Art Prints, all three, or only Royalty-free). At most stock houses, the in-house editorial staff makes all decisions, unilaterally, about work submitted by artists.

As members of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and the Professional Photographers Association (PPA), we adhere to their high ethical standards and principles. (Most other stock houses are not members.)

Please be on the lookout for the in house members only Photo'08 (PHOTO of the year '08) contest. For applications please go to our website after November 15th to download an entry form.

Image Warehouse is an internationally oriented, artist and photographer driven, image archiving and stock picture sales agency, headquartered in the greater NYC metropolitan area.