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Ilford Photo Introduces Its Campaign to 'Defend the Darkroom' in Schools, Special Student Giveaways

ILFORD HP5 PLUS. Just one of the products being given away in the leading black and white brand's 'Back to School' promotion.

In the fall of 2007, ILFORD PHOTO - the black and white brand of HARMAN technology Limited - introduced its campaign to 'Defend the Darkroom'. This on-going initiative has a number of aims, including promoting the importance of darkrooms in photo-education and helping student photographers to discover the many benefits of shooting film, of darkroom development and of associated creative techniques.

Now, the business has revealed it is to take further steps in supporting those involved in photo-education by introducing a number of special 'Back to School' promotions, Designed to coincide with the end of the summer vacation and the start of the new semester, these promotions will, for the first time ever, include darkroom equipment as well as films and paper thanks to HARMAN's new distribution agreement with Paterson Photographic.

The offers, which are available immediately, include:

Buy 25 sheets of 8" x 10" ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE and get 15 sheets free. A premium quality, darkroom developed, resin coated paper, ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and is fully compatible with all existing ILFORD MULTIGRADE filters and equipment. It has a bright base tint and produces prints where the image color remains cool to neutral when viewed in either daylight or fluorescent light. This offer applies to the paper in two of its three surfaces - pearl and glossy (satin is excluded).

Buy 100 sheets of 8" x 10" ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE and receive three free rolls of ILFORD HP5 PLUS. This high speed, medium contrast film is ideal for action, press and general purpose photography.

Nominally rated at ISO 400, HP5 PLUS yields negatives of outstanding sharpness and fine grain under all lighting conditions. It has been formulated to respond well to push processing and film speeds of up to EI 3200/36 are achievable while maintaining good shadow detail and well-separated mid-tones with sharp grain when processed with ILFORD MICROPHEN developer.

Buy a Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tank and receive a free roll of ILFORD HP5 PLUS. The Super System 4 is acknowledged as being simpler to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than almost any other developing tank on the market. It has a large diameter one- piece lid and funnel which clips securely into place, enabling the tank to be filled or emptied quickly and preventing leakage during inversion agitation. As a testament to its quality, well over 2 million have been sold to date.

These latest 'Back to School' offers will compliment the existing ILFORD PHOTO value packs, which are already highly popular with students and photo-educators alike. Offering a discount of over 20% compared to buying the products individually, these packs consist of 25 sheets of ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE in either glossy or pearl finish complete with two rolls of ILFORD HP5 PLUS film.

Speaking of the latest promotion, Steven Brierley, HARMAN's Sales Director for North America and Canada, said: "In today's digital world, photo-educators are under increasing pressure from college administrators to give up darkrooms and darkroom development in order to save space and costs. Indeed it was feedback to this effect that caused us to initiate the 'Defend the Darkroom' campaign in the first place.

"However analogue photography will always have its place - and especially so in photo-education. Arguably, it remains the only way to teach students about the basics of photography, such as the importance of aperture settings, shutter speed and film speed. Considering this, we are committed to helping the photo-education sector in any way we can and this year's 'Back to School' promotions are a part of this."

The special offers will be available from all usual ILFORD PHOTO dealers and are open to all customers, not just students. The promotional items will be available while supplies last. The ILFORD PHOTO value packs are available all year round.