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Hasselblad Announces Major Amendments to Its Customer Care Program

November 20, 2008-- High-end camera manufacturer Hasselblad has announced the launch of an extended warranty and service program designed to cover the needs of professional photographers on an international basis. The new program, which will go under the name Hasselblad Camera Care Plan, will be available to photographers via local Hasselblad partners as of November 21, 2008.

"Hasselblad has long had a reputation of producing the highest quality camera products available on the market," says Corporate After Sales Manager, Carsten Kronborg, who will head up the new program. "And while we continue to provide the highest quality possible and design our cameras, lenses, and accessories to work reliably for many years to come, in the real world, things do go wrong sometimes -- even with a Hasselblad. And when photography is your profession, any equipment down time is potential lost revenue or dissatisfied clients. For this reason, we have developed the Hasselblad Camera Care Plan."

The Hasselblad Camera Care Plan will provide up to two years of extended warranty coverage on top of the standard factory warranty and the coverage will provide global support, regardless of where the camera was purchased, except in those countries where import regulations do not allow, such as India and Latin America. (Use the Care Plan Partner Locator at the following link to find a Hasselblad partner in your region:

"Hasselblad has always found its client base in the professional photography community," says Kronborg, "and many of our clients are active on an international basis. Working internationally poses certain problems, such as the fact that a product purchased in one market is not covered by warranties in other markets. So if you've bought your camera in New York and run into trouble in South Africa, then it can pose some serious obstacles. Or you may have technical questions or problems in the middle of the night or in a location where you cannot access your local dealer or support. And so on. The Camera Care Plan is designed to remove such obstacles and guarantee a seamless professional experience."

The Hasselblad Camera Care Plan provides photographers with access to technical support around the clock on weekdays and a day-to-day equipment exchange service. The basic coverage will cover the registered camera and three additional system components of the customer's choosing (lenses/ImageBank/Global Image Locator). Additional components can be covered for an additional fee.

"The entire plan," continues Kronborg, "has been designed to cover the situations that pro shooters face out in the field. Situations where the difference between rapid service, support, or product replacement can make all the difference between completing an assignment or loosing a client. Basically," he concludes, "what we are providing is professional peace of mind."

Hasselblad A/S has developed, manufactured and delivered the very best in high-end camera systems for over 50 years.