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Harman Technology Announces Big Plans for PhotoPlus 2008
Demonstrations, paper giveaways, and more

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With 2008 marking the 25th anniversary of the PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo, HARMAN Technology Limited plans to mark this major milestone with some equally major plans. At this year's event, which runs from the 23rd to Saturday 25th of October at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC, the Harman Technology intends to showcase not only its ILFORD range of black and white products and its HARMAN PHOTO range of high-end inkjet media, but, for the first time ever, products from new addition to the company - Kentmere Photographic. As such, the HARMAN booth will offer something for everyone, whether they prefer to shoot with film or without. The UK-based manufacturer, whose history of producing photo-imaging products stretches back over 125 years, will split its booth into two distinct sides. One side will be dedicated entirely to the ILFORD and Kentmere ranges of analog products and to the on-going initiatives HARMAN is staging to support those committed to film photography and darkroom development.

These initiatives included the recently announced 'Back to School' campaign, which offers free rolls of ILFORD HP5 PLUS film or extra sheets of paper when people buy special packs of 8"x10" ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE or Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tanks. In addition, the mono side of the booth will enable visitors to find out more about HARMAN's new Photo Educator newsletter and also about the unique arrangement that sees HARMAN acting as international distributors for the Paterson Photographic range of darkroom equipment. There will even be a gallery featuring prints from photographers who've used ILFORD black and white products - such as shots taken with ILFORD SFX 200 by UK-based Dave Butcher and work from ultra-large format photographer Susan Harlin, who recently took advantage of ILFORD's special ULF ordering window.

Not to be outdone, the digital area of HARMAN's booth will be every bit as impressive. This side will feature products from the HARMAN PHOTO range of professional inkjet papers, which draw on the same manufacturing expertise, technology and photo-imaging heritage as the ILFORD black and white range. Specifically, and as the company gears up for the imminent launch of its new HARMAN CRYSTALJET RC paper which will hit US shelves in January 2009, it will be giving away 4,000 sample packs of this new product as well as sample swatches. Available with a pearl or gloss finish and due to be initially offered in 8.5"x11", 11"x17" and 13"x19" sizes, HARMAN CRYSTALJET RC is designed for everyday printing but still offers outstanding performance including sharp blacks and high levels of detail - even in shadowed areas.

HARMAN will also be giving away sample packs of its recently introduced HARMAN PHOTO GLOSS FB AI WARMTONE. This product - like the HARMAN PHOTO GLOSS FB AI, MATT FB Mp and MATT FB Mp WARMTONE papers - employs a heavyweight fiber base and a baryta layer, allowing it to offer all the tactile appeal of a traditional darkroom print along with greater detail and definition, an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties. The added inclusion of a warmtone tint makes the GLOSS FB AI WARMTONE ideal for photographers looking to create black and white prints with creamy whites and velvety blacks. What's more, to demonstrate the impressive results achievable with both the HARMAN PHOTO papers and with HARMAN CRYSTALJET, the manufacturer also intends to stage a number of printing demonstrations on the digital side of its booth.

Speaking of the planned appearance, HARMAN's President of Marketing for North America, Steven Brierley, said: "This is HARMAN technology's third appearance at PhotoPlus since the company was created from the black and white side of the ILFORD business in 2005 and we're confident it's going to be our best yet. So much has happened since we attended last year's event - from the addition of Kentmere Photographic to the launch of new products like the HARMAN PHOTO GLOSS FB AI WARMTONE - and this is our chance to tell people more about these new and exciting developments. Add to that the product demonstrations, the sample pack giveaways and the mini-exhibitions and there's no question that our booth will certainly be worth a visit."

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