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Getty Images Acquires Scoopt With Vision of Making "Citizen Photojournalism" More Accessible
Getty Images

SEATTLE, March 12 -- Getty Images, Inc. today announced its acquisition of Scoopt, an emerging source for user- generated editorial content. Scoopt is an aggregator and distributor of photographs and videos captured by eyewitnesses who have an accidental front row seat to headline-making moments.

In the coming months, news, sport and entertainment imagery from Scoopt that meets Getty Images' stringent editorial quality standards will be released exclusively at , where it will benefit from worldwide visibility and promotional support. Additionally, Getty Images will invest in technology upgrades and other enhancements to Scoopt in order to make the site more accessible to customers, and to better position it for future growth.

"New technology has made it easier to capture and distribute imagery, leading to citizen photojournalism that is increasingly relevant to the news cycle," said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. "While this genre will never replace the award-winning photojournalism for which we're known, it's a highly complementary offering that enables us to meet the evolving imagery needs of a broad customer base."

Since the founding of Scoopt in 2005, the site has supplied the media with arresting imagery from major world events, including: the Manhattan plane crash that killed New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his flight instructor in October 2006; digtal images captured by a bystander were emailed to Scoopt and appeared on the front page of The Times of London.

"User-generated content is serving a valuable role in today's communication landscape; safeguards to validate its authenticity are critical," said Hugh Pinney, director of Editorial Photography at Getty Images. "By implementing rigorous quality standards, we can deliver powerful imagery captured from a unique perspective while ensuring journalistic integrity."

Citizen photographers who submit imagery to Scoopt retain copyright while granting the agency a 12-month exclusive license that authorizes re-license to one or more publishers. Contributors will benefit from increased visibility and an extensive network of media contacts, earning a significant percentage of the value for each license issued. Both Getty Images and Scoopt encourage contributors to be respectful and follow a code of ethics for image capture.

Getty Images plans to fully integrate Scoopt into its organization, harnessing the team's knowledge of user-generated editorial content. "We're very much looking forward to taking our business to the next level by collaborating with the world's leading imagery provider," said Kyle MacRae, founder of Scoopt. "This acquisition will exponentially expand our customer base and establish a strong foundation for long-term growth."

The Scoopt team will continue to operate out of the site's base in Glasgow, Scotland, servicing customers under the leadership of Getty Images' Hugh Pinney. Existing relationships with Scoopt partners and affiliates will remain in place until further notice.

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