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Fundy SOS Releases Fundy Album Builder 2.1

(Portland, Oregon, February 5, 2008) - The fastest way to design an album using PhotoShop just got faster with the release of Fundy Album Builder 2.1, a powerful but flexible tool by Fundy SOS.

Using PhotoShop actions and scripts, the program allows photographers to design award-winning spreads with a few clicks of the mouse. In addition to improved functionality, the new update allows for easy, one-click installation.

By working in PhotoShop Fundy Album Builder allows the photographer full access to their action palette as they design the album. Photographers can apply any action from their action palette at any time during the design process to one, two or all of the images on the page, a feature unique to Fundy Album Builder.

Fundy Album Builder is also fully integrated with Bridge, allowing photographers to group images by story - getting ready, ceremony, formals, couple, first dance, cake, reception dancing - to be filled automatically into each spread.

Photographers have long been frustrated at the time-consuming nature of the album design process as well as the need to learn an album design program. Fundy Album Builder allows photographers to work within a program they know at a speed they can appreciate. Photographers can quickly design complex pages using the powerful actions and scripts included in Fundy Album Builder.

Fundy Album Builder allows the photographer to create a design or allows the photographer to use the layout tool (puzzle maker) that randomly places a series of vertical and horizontal masks on the page, providing the photographer additional creative options that can be changed and reconfigured with a click of the mouse. This innovation makes template-based programs obsolete.

Fundy Album Builder is compatible with all album companies as the canvas creator allows the photographer to build pages based on the album company's sizes, additionally allowing saving, importing and exporting of presets.

For additional information on Fundy Album Builder and other products from Fundy SOS - Solutions on Steroids, contact Andrew Funderburg or visit

Fundy SOS was founded to provide photographers with time saving solutions to typically time-consuming tasks, namely album design, album proofing, and editing images. In addition, Fundy SOS also offers album design and RAW processing services as well as workflow consultations to improve photographer productivity.