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Fujifilm Introduces Labelflash DVD Media to U.S. Market

VALHALLA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 12, 2007--FUJIFILM today announced the availability of recordable media for the Labelflash(TM) enabled laser-labeling DVD drives. This technology is being introduced in the U.S. market with select models of the new Toshiba Satellite(R) A205/P205 Notebook computer series.

Labelflash(TM) technology was created as a joint project between engineers at Yamaha Corporation and Fujifilm Corporation. DVD drives enabled with Labelflash(TM) allow users to create customized, professional-looking DVDs with clear, finely detailed labeling by inscribing high-quality images and text directly into a specialized dye within the disc. The process eliminates the need for specialized printers, inks or sticky labels.

Fujifilm recordable media for Labelflash(TM) is initially available in DVD-R (16x) format and are capable of burning images in as little as five (5) minutes in 'Fast' mode and 15-20 minutes for the highest contrast.

About Labelflash(TM)

Labelflash(TM) technology uses an organic dye developed by Fujifilm and specialized for image burning to use the existing laser, pick-up and rotation control, and high-speed image data signal processing to inscribe high-resolution, high-contrast images and/or text into the label-side of the disc. Because the imaging occurs at a depth of 0.6mm below the actual surface, the protective polycarbonate layer not only provides a glossy, attractive appearance but simultaneously ensures durability and scratch-resistance of the images. This provides a more permanent, high quality choice over traditional surface-printed labels which can deteriorate over time due to wear, blemishes or scratches. For more information on Labelflash(TM) technology, visit

Burning a Labelflash(TM) Disc

Burning a Labelflash(TM) disc requires only a Labelflash(TM)-compliant DVD drive and Fujifilm's recordable media for Labelflash(TM), and requires neither a printer or consumables:

-- Simply flip the disc over after recording data onto the media and re-insert it into the Labelflash(TM)-compliant DVD drive with the label side facing down; and

-- In as little as five minutes, the drive's optical laser beam inscribes a monochromatic blue and silver image 0.6mm deep into the disc, producing an attractive, high-quality image that will last for years.

Fujifilm Labelflash(TM) media will be available in most consumer electronics and office supply retail locations as product is stocked. Retailers can obtain product information immediately through FCMA LLC, the exclusive distributor of Fujifilm consumer recording media products for retail business in the United States, by calling 800-544-1787 or via

About Fujifilm

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