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Fujifilm Announces Two Promotions for Award-Winning Finepix S5 Pro

Valhalla, N.Y., August 22, 2007 – FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce a new promotion that enables professional event, school, and directory photographers to purchase an entire S5 Pro commercial studio system kit, complete with bar code reader, at a price of $2399.95. Available through authorized Fujifilm dealers, this promotion represents a savings of $360 on the original price.

The S5 Pro’s new bar code reader functionality combines with unique features such as password protected feature and control lockout, film simulation modes, iTTL commander flash control, and white balance and color fine tune adjustments. In addition to the renowned Super CCD SR Pro color accuracy and high quality JPEG modes, the FinePix S5 Pro is quickly becoming the camera of choice for professional event, school and directory photographers.

At the heart of the FinePix S5 Pro is Real Photo Technology Pro, which combines the Super CCD SR Pro sensor and the new RP Processor Pro, and allows for the wide dynamic range with smoother tonality from brightest light to darkest shadow. The S5 Pro offers six preset dynamic range settings for expanded dynamic range between 100% and 400% and three new variations of the original film simulation modes pioneered in the FinePix S3 Pro have been added (five modes in total).

Of particular appeal to event and school photographers is the ability to attach a bar code reader wand directly to the FinePix S5 Pro via the 10-pin serial port on the camera. Bar codes are stored directly in the image file’s EXIF header so that images can later be linked to a school, hotel, cruise ship or other name database. The FinePix S5 Pro also offers an innovative password protected menu and button lock down system that enables flawless deployment in a multiple photographer environment, thus reducing errors caused by changing the camera’s programmed setup.

Says Fujifilm customer, Edsel Dodson, photo development and training instructor, Bryn-Alan Photography, “We’ve received very positive feedback from our studios regarding the impact the S5 Pro Barcode reader ability has had upon our operating efficiency and ultimately, the profitability of our business as a whole. Moving forward, we see enormous potential for the Barcode reading ability throughout the school and event imaging industry.”

In addition, Fujifilm is also offering professional photographers a free copy of Fujifilm HyperUtility HS-V3 and Pantone Huey™ Pro with purchase of the S5 Pro Body Only Kit, a savings of $240 with mail-in rebate.

The FinePix S5 Pro was recently named European Advanced Camera of the Year 2007-2008 by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). The S5 Pro was recognized for its “wide dynamic range, low image noise and contrast control,” in addition to its “ability to reproduce a massive range of tones.” EISA is the largest editorial multimedia organization in Europe, with a membership of 50 audio, mobile electronics, video and photo magazines drawn from 20 European countries.

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