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Fotothing Survey Reveals Americans Photograph More Than Europeans

The international photo blogging site’s poll revealed that Americans take nearly one-half of all photographs posted on the site, followed by the British (17%) and Dutch (14%). The top five is completed by Poles (11%) and Italians (8%).

The survey also highlights the photo habits of Fotothing users, with the Dutch being more likely to photograph farm animals whilst Americans prefer family members. Teenage Eastern European and South East-Asian girls fill their Fotothing pages with pictures of themselves whilst young Belgians tend to opt for their pet cat or dog. Teenage Brazilian boys post solitary pictures of teenage girls at outdoor social events (e.g. beach parties) on their Fotothing page whilst young Scandinavian males tend to snap groups of friends at indoor parties.

Fotothing members from Mediterranean countries’ blogs contain a high proportion of scenic shots compared to that of Nordic members’ fascination for buildings.

The majority of photographs of flowers are taken by Fotothing’s female members whilst cars are the preserve of males. Fotothing’s mature bloggers tend to post pictures of family gatherings whilst teenagers will very rarely display photographs of family members.

“It is apparent from our survey that age, gender and even nationality – albeit rather tongue in cheek – are reflected in people’s photographic subject matter,” said Kevin Saidler of Fotothing.

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You can use Fotothing to keep a photographic diary of your life, or simply get widespread feedback on your latest work of art – the possibilities are endless. Fotothing also provides full RSS feeds, making it easier to link all your latest photos from your personal website or blog.

Fotothing was acquired by ADVFN PLC, Europe’s leading stocks and shares website, in July 2005. Fotothing has over 130,000 users worldwide, 1.5 Million photos. 3.7 million posts and gains approximately 300-400 new users daily.