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Fotolia and Slide Partner to Provide Crawl for Stock Images

NEW YORK, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In an exciting partnership, Fotolia is teaming up with Slide Inc., making the search for the perfect image or inspiration easier than ever before. Through this agreement, Fotolia (, the global online social marketplace for stock images, is making their entire collection of images viewable on Slide. In turn, Slide (, a free downloadable desktop program, will allow viewers to watch scrolling slide shows of Fotolia images on their screens. When a desired image passes, a user can click on it to go directly to the Fotolia website and purchase the image for as low as $1.

As the first stock image company to partner with Slide, Fotolia is now giving designers and buyers the opportunity to immediately see and review the latest stock images for sale that match specific tags or topics. Designers and buyers can also use Slide to stay current on new photos that have been uploaded by individual Fotolia photographers whose work they find particularly interesting. Fotolia buyers can use Slide to quickly scan and find pictures that pertain to current projects. Photo sellers benefit as well with the ability to display their images in Slide show form on their own professional or personal websites. Clicking on any Slide show will link to Fotolia and give the viewer options for purchasing the desired picture, increasing sales.

Slide is able to offer this unique stock image search option by utilizing the Fotolia API to plug into Fotolia's photo database, index requested photos, group them into intuitive channels, and play them back via a unique always-on ticker interface. In this way, Slide is expanding the Fotolia community by creating an open invitation that is housed on a user's personal desktop or webpage. This allows Slide users to easily view and purchase the images that are offered in the Fotolia image library.

"Our partnership with Slide gives designers and buyers another tool to facilitate their search for stock photography. By including Fotolia as part of a personalized "slide", it allows people to look out for the images they need without taking hours out of their day to search," commented Oleg Tscheltzoff, Co-Founder and President of Fotolia.

Max Levchin, Founder and CEO of Slide said, "Slide is very happy to give Fotolia's photo buyers the ability to constantly stay updated on the very latest stock photographs that match their creative interests. We're also thrilled that Fotolia selected Slide to syndicate photo content for their user community and we believe that Fotolia's photographers will be delighted with how Slide brings their photo feeds to life."

Launched in early November 2005, Fotolia's digital image marketplace has acquired over 450,000 images in its database and more than 49,000international members.