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Experience Fastest Wide Format UV Flatbed at Fujifilm Sericol's New Solutions Center

Inca Onset is being installed worldwide.
source: Inca

(Kansas City, Kan.)--The newest addition to the lineup of best-in-class digital printers at Fujifilm Sericol's new multi-million dollar, 7,000 square foot Solutions Center is the revolutionary Inca Onset. For a limited time starting in August, commercial point-of-purchase (POP) printers will have a unique opportunity to test drive the Inca Onset. Equipped with 576 Fujifilm Dimatix heads and jetting 3 billion droplets of ink per second, the Inca Onset easily produces in excess of 100 beds of commercial quality print an hour making it "the fastest UV flatbed printer in the world."

The Inca Onset represents a dramatic step change for inkjet technology and represents the first High Speed Inkjet (HSI) platform to hit the market. The Inca Onset is production proven with a current install base of nine units. Based upon production data from these customers, the conservative estimate is that they are producing well over 500,000 square feet of commercial output daily.

"We know that Onset owners are billing as much as $200,000 of output per day," stated Terry Mitchell, Director of Marketing for Fujifilm Sericol. "Most of the units are running at least two shifts and some are running three shifts. This is not surprising as the Onset is based on the extremely successful and robust design of previous Inca flatbeds," added Mitchell.

The first North American installation of an Inca Onset occurred in February 2008 at Holland and Crosby, a large POP printer in Toronto with both screen and digital capacity.

"To us it was a no-brainer: I expect the Onset will conservatively pay for itself in three years and I would not be surprised if it was a year and a half,” said Scott Crosby, partner at Holland Crosby. "The term 'breakthrough' gets thrown around a lot, but believe me this is a breakthrough…something I do not think anybody in the market expected," added Crosby.

This is echoed by Mark Clews, managing director of SP Retail Group, the UK's leading POP and retail solutions print service provider. SP Retail installed the first Inca Onset in the world last summer. "The Inca Onset undeniably takes large format digital printing to a new level. It provides outstanding print quality with no banding and variable gloss levels at extraordinary speeds and a wider color gamut. We have a major leg up on our competition with the Inca Onset. We run the Onset three shifts a day, seven days a week," stated Clewes.

Screen, digital, and offset large format printers are invited to sign up for a Solutions Center tour from August 4 to October 3, 2008. During the demonstrations, customers will be able to run the Inca Onset at production speed and watch as the Onset produces their images at speeds never seen before on a digital flatbed printer.

Chris Lomas, Vice President of sales for Fujifilm Sericol-North America gives the following example to explain the speed of Onset. "Our Inca Turbo flatbed printer was the world standard in terms of speed and quality in wide format digital printing," said Lomas. "Holland and Crosby recently printed a job that was previously done on their Inca Turbo. The job took three hours on the Turbo but only took 17 minutes on the Onset. In a similar vein, Onset owners now turn jobs in a few hours that would take a couple of days previously. That is a significant commercial advantage in today's business environment where the ability to turn large print runs quickly is an absolute necessity."

Terry Amerine, Segment Manager for Wide Format Graphics for Fujifilm Sericol added, "We have always provided potential customers with the opportunity to come to our facility and run any of our digital presses as if it were sitting on their shop floor. This enables them to fully understand how the printer will work for them in their business. Countless customers have told us how important this step was in their decision and felt that our demonstration process was the most educational and helpful for them. We will conduct the demonstrations of the Onset in precisely this time-tested manner."

While Onset will serve as the fastest and most productive press in the Fujifilm Sericol Solutions Center, it certainly won't stand alone. Participants can also see the Inca Turbo Plus, the Inca Spyder 320 flatbeds, and the Acuity HD 2504 UV combination printer. They'll also get expert advice on which wide format digital printer offers the right performance value for their needs and budget.

· The Spyder 320: Developed with the flexibility to grow and adapt to the changing printing business, the Spyder 320 is offered in a 4C, 6C with Fujifilm Sericol's unique Ultratone (CYMKOV) color set or 8C including a white ink option. Features like precise ink drop placement, linear drives and air bearings produce fine text, clean lines, and excellent print quality.

· The Acuity HD 2504 UV Flatbed: The Acuity HD was the first ever high-resolution, value-based UV flatbed. At the heart of the Acuity HD 2504 is a variable drop size imaging technology that provides photo-realistic images at production speeds…while delivering a strong return on investment.

· The Columbia Turbo Plus: With over 250 installations worldwide, these Inca flatbed printers are proven to be the gold standard in speed, reliability and high resolution. Equipped with 96 print heads and six-color printing ability, Turbo Plus will consistently produce up to 22 full bed sheets per hour.

The Onset: The newest and fastest UV digital flatbed printer handles print sizes up to 10.5 x 5 feet, and achieves fully automated production throughput in excess of 100 full print beds per hour, delivering speeds never before experienced in flatbed digital printing.

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