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Event Product Developer Introduces Colonnade Arch Systems In Textured Granite Color

La Mirada, CA: For a rock-solid alternative to the traditional white look for wedding décor, event product developer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., La Mirada, Calif. ( is offering its line of colonnade arch systems in granite.

Featuring a speckled gray and black in a 3-D texture, the granite coloration enables wedding planners, photographers, banquet managers, florists and other event professionals to match, blend or otherwise coordinate their colonnade arch systems with the theme color of the event and/or the décor of the room or facility. The granite coloration is available on the company’s traditional Graeco-Roman, fluted style colonnade arch systems, on its smooth, earthy Tuscan style arch systems and on its expansive, contemporary oval colonnade arch systems to suit a wide range of events, tastes and styles.

The granite coloration is not painted on and cannot be removed. Rather, the colonnade arch systems are rotationally molded from 100% granite-colored polyethylene to deliver the visual appeal of solid rock and ensure the color remains visible year after year even with frequent travel, handling and setup. Though the faux granite material looks like stone it is light in weight for easy setup and take down by one person.