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Emotion Media Launches Shareitvideo for Pros

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Tulsa, Oklahoma - Emotion Media, known for award-winning DVD slideshows, has announced the release of a new web show service, called shareitvideo.

This service helps photographers reach hundreds of new potential customers with automatic integration on popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Photographers simply place an order and Emotion Media's professional designers handle everything. As web shows are produced and posted to shareitvideo, an email goes out to the photographer and anyone on his show invitation list. When customers click the show link they are prompted to enter their email address (and optional password) before the show plays. Unlike typical video on the web, playback is large, smooth and crystal clear.

Since Emotion hosts the video for the photographer, it's easy to add the show link to a website or blog. There's even an option to copy the html code so videos can be embedded into any website, the same way YouTube videos are embedded.

Emotion maintains the photographer's branding on all videos for promotional purposes. The studio's logo is displayed above the video along with up to three additional customizable links.

The real power of the service comes with its built in sharing features. While the show is playing, links to Facebook and MySpace are displayed below. Customers click the link to enter their personal site password, and then Emotion's shareitvideo system automatically posts the video to their Facebook or MySpace page.

Once the video is posted, the social networking sites notify friends connected with that person that there is a new video is available to view. A single high school senior could be connected to hundreds of friends. Emotion maximizes the promotional value of each shareitvideo by listing the photographers name and website address below the video on Facebook.

Brook Clark from Studio B Portraits in Washington said, "The quality of the shareit videos is fantastic! This is exactly what we were looking for to take our Senior marketing to the next level. Viral web marketing has proven to be the most cost effective return on our investment."

"My seniors love the option of attaching their slideshow to MySpace or Facebook!" said, Tim from T.G. McCary Photography in Mississippi. "My customers do my advertising for me!"

"We are excited with the results our shareitvideo customers have experienced," said Brian McMurray, CEO of Emotion Media. "Not only are they earning more from slideshows, they are taping into the amazing referral potential of Facebook and MySpace. And since we do everything from building the videos, posting them online or packaging DVDs, our customers have more time to focus on photography."

Shareitvideos start at just $25 for shows with up to 50 images. For $34.95 Emotion will burn print and package a DVD in a genuine leather folio and gift box.

Meant expecially for wedding or portrait customers, Facebook and MySpace integration is sure to be a hit with high school seniors, brides and other young clients. Emotion's shareitvideo service gives photographers an easy way to leverage the power of viral marketing.

For more information and to get a free DVD, visit or call toll free 877-777-7383.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Emotion Media, LLC is a professional multi-media design studio that specializes in creating custom media services for the professional photography industry.