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Digital Cameras Gaining Attention of Families

RICHMOND , Va., May 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- A new national survey(1)from electronics retailer Circuit City Stores, Inc. shows nearly three-quarters (71%) of Americans who use film cameras are thinking of purchasing ,or are actively shopping for, a digital camera. The same survey shows many families who already have digital cameras are considering an upgrade.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates that 57 percent of U.S. households now own at least one digital camera. Newer digital cameras are more affordable, easier to use and take better quality pictures than first-generation models. The technology advancements and dropping prices have turned digital imaging into a mainstream experience.

Why they went digital:

Survey respondents who already own digital cameras rated the importance of some of the primary features of digital imaging:

*Eighty-six percent said it's very important for them to know instantly whether they got the picture they wanted *Eighty percent said it's very important to be able to print only the pictures they want *Approximately 60 percent assigned "very important" rating to sharing images via email, printing pictures at home and organizing and storing pictures electronically ready for an upgrade:

Forty-three percent of the survey respondents who already own a digital camera are either thinking of upgrading to a new camera, or are actively shopping for one. Asked what features they are looking for in their next digital camera:

*Sixty-five percent said they want better picture resolution (more megapixels) * Fourteen percent said they're looking for smaller, more stylish design *Thirteen percent said they want faster shutter speed *Eight percent said they're looking for a better lens

More than 2,900 people responded to the survey. Fifty-seven percent said the person who takes the most family photos in the household is mom. Dad was a distant second at 27 percent. Kids (13 %) and other family members rounded out the total.