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Digital Anarchy Announces 3D Object Creation Software for Adobe Photoshop

3D invigorator

San Francisco -- February 23, 2009 -- Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe and Apple products, today announced the release of a popular 3D design tool for use in Adobe Photoshop. Co-developed with Zaxwerks Inc, 3D Invigorator for Photoshop allows artists to easily create incredibly complex 3D objects, logos and text.

"The product has long been known as the best 3D title creator and logo modeler for any 2D visual designer or special effects artist," said Zax Dow, president of Zaxwerks. "I have wanted to offer this kind of control to the Photoshop community for a long time, and Digital Anarchy is the company to do this for us.Ē

Already known as the industry standard software for creating 3D text and logos in film and television, 3D Invigorator starts with Adobe Illustrator outlines or text generated within Photoshop, gives the object depth, and then sculpts the graphic into a 3D masterpiece. Photoshop artists can use the vector tools in Invigorator for real-time changes to their 3D objects. They can also access its built-in text engine to transform True Type and Type 1 fonts, and take advantage of Photoshop features like Smart Objects and Smart Filters.

"3D Invigorator has been a must-have tool for Film and Television designers for years." said Jim Tierney, president of Digital Anarchy. "We think Photoshop designers will find it opens up a whole new world of creating 3D text and objects."

Some of the practical and creative features of 3D Invigorator include:

. 3D Text Creation: Use the built-in text designer to create beautiful 3D text objects.

. Sculpted 3D Edges: Sculpted edges add important details to 3D objects. Get complete control over how the 3D text or objects extrude and what their edges look like.

. Import Illustrator Files: Any Illustrator file can be extruded into complex 3D shapes for an easy way to start the design.

. Rendering Styles: Create different looks with a wide variety of rendering styles, including wireframe, cartoon, flat shading, and raytracing.

. Full 3D Environment: Rotate the Objects and Camera in 3D space to view the 3D design from any angle, or move individual elements into new arrangements.

. Material Presets: Over 100 different material presets give easy options such as gold, chrome, glass, lacquer, and puffy surfaces.

. Material Creation: If the presets donít provide the desired effect, users can design their own materials using the built-in tools or by importing custom files.

. Custom Lights: An unlimited number of lights can be positioned anywhere in 3D space for creative flexibility. Create custom lighting like an art deco style, a light for each text character, or a single bright light across the entire object.

Pricing and Availability

3D Invigorator for Photoshop is regularly priced at USD $159, and will be available for a discount upon release for a limited time. The filters work in Photoshop 7.0 and higher, including CS4 64-bit, and Photoshop Elements 5.0 and higher. 3D Invigorator supports Macintosh OS 10.3.9 and higher, and runs natively on Intel Macs and PPCs. The product supports Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit systems. Demo filters and samples are available at

Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company operating out of San Francisco, Calif., that creates high-quality creative software for broadcast designers, 2D animators and professional photographers.