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DNP Photo Imaging Expands Horizons of Digital Photo Kiosks

LAS VEGAS, March 3, 2009 -- PMA-- DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. extends its reputation for innovation in the retail photo market with the introduction of PrintRushMP. PrintRushMP gives retailers a kiosk that lets consumers create high-demand products like personalized gift cards and photo wallet cards, music, video and photos at a self-service retail hub.

DNP's field studies reveal that consumers want to be able to order prints and enlargements PLUS: photo DVDs; personalized gift cards and photo cards; music in mp3 format; and more, from a single convenient and easy-to-use device.

PrintRushMP delivers these features in a space-saving AND labor saving form factor. With PrintRushMP, retailers can give their customers what they want without sacrificing valuable floor space or investing in costly specialized labor. PrintRushMP combines multiple order stations - usually three or more - with a high-speed print tower and the capability to order items not usually associated with a photo kiosk. PrintRushMP is the future of photo at retail.

"The possibilities are endless with PrintRushMP," said Brett Cameron CEO of DNP Photo Imaging America. "A retailer can dedicate stations for photo-only and have other stations handle music downloads, on-line ticket orders or bill-pay. PrintRushMP gives retailers the flexibility they need to stay ahead of their competitors and deliver the functionality consumers really want."

Cameron continued, "PrintRushMP is the modern, cost-effective solution for retailers committed to their customers' need for fast, easy and convenient photo products like prints, collages, calendars, greeting cards, photo DVDs, wallet cards and personalized photo gift cards. Combined with the ability to offer a variety of new services, such as music and tickets, PrintRushMP makes a retail location a destination for existing customers and new shoppers."

About DNP Photo Imaging America

DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. is the world's leading innovator of dye sublimation photo printing solutions -- digital minilabs, kiosks, and kiosk software for retailers and professional printers. The company is the world’s largest supplier of dye sublimation ribbon and media (photo paper, medical, proofing, and identification cards).

DNP Photo Imaging America provides retailers with store-branded digital imaging equipment for minilab and kiosk photo printing, as well as dye sublimation and silver halide media supplies. The company’s technologies enable retailers to bridge the gap from traditional to digital photography and to win and retain both traditional film and digital printing consumers by making digital photography easy, convenient, and fun. DNP Photo Imaging America is solely owned by Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd. of Japan.