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Crumpler Bags Offers New Style, Size, And Features For Their Most Popular Camera Bag Line at PMA

7 million dollar home model bag.

PMA -- Las Vegas, Nevada - (March 3rd, 2009) - Crumpler is one of the fastest growing brand of camera, laptop, commuter and lifestyle bags in the world and it's no doubt thanks to their ever changing and always strangely named line of bags to suit any need. Whether itís their old photo backpack standby "The Whickey & Cox" or their new neck strap dubbed "The Jam Croissant - Industry Disgrace". Their camera bags known as the "Million Dollar Homes", span from the 1 Million Dollar Home, the smallest in the series, all the way up to 7 Million Dollar Home and Brazillion Dollar Home. Somewhere in between the largest and mother ship model rests the new and quite sought after 8 Million Dollar Home expected out at the end of April.

Crumpler's new 8 Million Dollar Home provides the logical bridge between the 7 Million and the Brazillion. It's a newly renovated, low profile shoulder bag offering protection for all your photo or video gear. The entire line now comes in 5 new vibrant colors and boasts the new 'super stealth Velcro' silencer for anyone who prefers those quieter photo expeditions! The footprint is that of the 7 Million but with added depth allowing one to vertically stash a Pro D-SLR with lens attached. There's room down the sides for your essential chunky zooms, primes and or speed lights. They've also thrown in a new configurable divider which transforms the 8 Million into a photo/laptop bag suitable to hold a 13" laptop along with your photo/video equipment. Loaded sensibly, the 8 Million will facilitate the modern D-SLR in sport/portrait, shoot-to-thrill mode, whilst allowing stealthily secure yet accessible lens changes.

The Jam Croissant is a camera neck strap whose design borrows from hip hop and urban fashion. Its orange trim on flat grey pixilated camo make finding which camera is yours a snap. For more outdoorsy photogs, Crumpler also makes a matching hydration pack, the Bumper Issue. Look for them April 1st.

"Stealth is the key here," says Lindsay Cousley, president of Crumpler US, "Ninja is our middle name!"

Crumpler was created by three bike messengers, Dave Roper, Will Miller and Stuart Crumpler in Melbourne Australia in 1995 in response to a need for durable and visible bags that was not being met. Looking to branch into other markets, Crumpler began designing bags for laptops, photo and video equipment and all kinds of e-vices. Crumpler bags are available at their retail stores, online at, and through selected specialty retailers nationwide.