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Corbis Weighs in on Top 10 Creative Trends for 2007

Corbis recently revealed its top ten creative trends for 2007, with the trend of “Globesity” weighing in at number two. Not surprisingly, “Global Greening” was the number one creative visual trend of the year as the world, and advertisers in particular, focus on the impact of global warming on our environment.

Corbis’ Creative IQ Trends are periodic studies on emerging cultural developments responsible for current and projected future visual image needs for advertising and marketing professionals.

Corbis Top Ten Creative Trends of 2007 are available in detail at and include:

1. Global Greening – The grass-roots movement among environmentalists has since grown into a mainstream market demand for eco-friendly products everywhere.

2. Globesity – Obesity has caught up with people worldwide and now they are starting to re-engage in a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and exercise.

3. Generational Re-Connect – Kids, parents and grandparents are spending time together, and even sharing the same household as life spans are lengthening.

4. Global Arena (Beijing Olympics) – Beijing prepares to host the world for the 2008 Summer Olympics and the advertising world is taking note.

5. Millennial Development – Kids today, known as Millennials, have grown up surrounded by technology and use it to learn and interact with friends at breakneck speeds and with great frequency.

6. Pocket Vacations – Time-starved travelers are taking more frequent local weekend getaways.

7. Office Elders – Mature employees are no longer looking towards retirement, but instead maintain their roles as a means of intellectual stimulation or financial stability.

8. Medical Miles – People are willing to travel for affordable healthcare around the world and stop off to enjoy the sites along the way.

9. Extreme Commuters –Whether by subway, car, train or bus, commute times are increasing as people choose to move to the suburbs.

10. Genomically Correct – First, there were designer jeans. Now, science is exploring the possibility of designer babies.

Global Obesity – The Latest Corbis CREATIVE IQ Trend – Weighs in at Number 2

Obesity, once thought to be a North American problem, is rapidly expanding across the globe creating a phenomenon known as Globesity.

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