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Corbis Reinvents Accessibility to Celebrity Photography With Outline Live Launch
High-quality candids are faster, easier to license

SEATTLE , May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Corbis today announced the launch of OutlineLive, a contemporary and fresh collection of celebrity photography featuring high-quality, candid celebrity portraiture that is faster and easier to license and is accessible for any editorial use, including online. The innovative offering launches worldwide today and will feature more than 35,000 images from the world's leading celebrity photographers by the end of the month.

The demand for celebrity and entertainment imagery continues to soar. Entertainment and celebrity pages in magazines have grown by about 15 percent annually since 2001, and celebrity images now represent nearly half of all magazine covers. The top five celebrity magazines in the United States now sell a combined five million copies on news stands each week.

As a result of this growth, publishers are demanding accessible and flexible high-end celebrity portraiture. The new OutlineLive collection is the first offering on the market to meet this need by making unique, quality celebrity portraits available and accessible for all editorial uses. OutlineLive has no publicist restrictions, can be priced and licensed immediately on and can be published anywhere, including on the Internet.

"As the spotlight on celebrity has become ever brighter in recent years,getting access to unique quality celebrity photos grows ever more important," said Aubrey Day , Editor-in-Chief, Total Film and Sky Movies, two of the leading publications in the U.K., with a combined readership in excess of 4 million. "Corbis already provides us with a lot of excellent photography, and OutlineLive should provide a fresh additional approach for illustrating oureditorial coverage."

Corbis has taken a novel approach to the celebrity photography in OutlineLive, creating a collection of informal celebrity portraiture taken in controlled shoots that capture emotive, intimate and playfully spontaneous moments in relevant settings. The collection includes fresh images from events as recent as the Tribeca Film Festival and the Coachella Music Festival in California.

OutlineLive's collection will continue to grow with fresh photography taken onsite at exclusive events such as film and music festivals and in other casual settings around the world as well as through the addition of content from world-leading photographers.

"OutlineLive creates an entirely new and innovative middle market offering that is higher in quality than red carpet shots and easier to access than our exclusive flagship Outline celebrity portraiture," said Gary Shenk , President, Corbis. "OutlineLive is a quality, less restrictive, price-conscious collection that provides our clients with natural, revealing and unexpected celebrity imagery that they can use to enhance their covers, feature stories and online editions."

OutlineLive is the latest addition to Corbis' inspired Personalities portfolio, with its market-leading Outline, Outline@Home and red-carpet Entertainment collections.

Corbis Outline continues to feature originality and glamour at its best.Outline is the leader in the highest quality in-studio celebrity portraiture the world has to offer from the world's best photographers. This collection offers iconic images that exude style, imagination and prestige and have highly-exclusive usage.

Outline@Home is a look at living well and the homes and lifestyles of therich and famous. This collection includes exclusive, high quality photos thatcapture cutting edge design and style, and the work of the most renowned architects, designers and interior designers.

Corbis Entertainment offers timely, relevant images from select entertainment and fashion events worldwide including celebrities on the red carpet, award ceremonies, movie premieres, fashion show catwalks and parties. It includes coverage by Corbis photographers plus media partners including Reuters and epa.


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