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Controversial Photo for 'Visual Impact' Has Some Calling for Firing of Top Cop
Some say headless biker pic was poor taste for European campaign

Relatives of a decapitated biker pictured in a road safety campaign today called for a police chief to be sacked.

William and Paul Gibney dismissed an apology offered by the north Wales force and said they would never forgive chief constable Richard Brunstrom.

West Derby father-of-three Mark Gibney, 40, was decapitated in a crash in 2003 while speeding at up to 95mph in a 60mph zone.

Brunstrom last week fronted an anti-speeding campaign that pictured Gibney's head still encased in his helmet with the visor open. No family permission had been sought.

Gibney's brother Paul and father William were called to identify the body, but did not reveal the full injuries to family members.

Forklift truck driver Paul Gibney, 42, said: "It was horrific when we went to identify him and we swore we would never tell anyone about his injuries.

"But now it's all come out. We'd just started to get on with our lives, but this has set us back many years.

"Does Mr. Brunstrom think he is God? That man shouldn't be chief constable."

Gibney was not named when the photographs were shown, but details of distinctive clothing identified him.

William Gibney, 64, who is retired, said at his Denbighshire home: "We have so many relations in Liverpool and were keeping details from them.

"What the chief constable has done is totally outrageous, we can never forgive him. I want the chief constable to be sacked.

"A police family liaison officer, who I recognised from the time of the accident in 2003, came to see me but I told him to go away."

North Wales police said: "We have written to the family to apologise for the distress caused by the publicity that followed the Arrive Alive closed seminar.

"North Wales police accepts and regrets that it made a mistake in believing the description of pictures shown to this invited audience would remain confidential".

West Derby Labour MP Bob Wareinq said the apology was not enough and he would be meeting Home Secretary John Reid tonight.

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