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Clickfree Debuts Consumer Backup Products and Features at CES 2009

TORONTO and LAS VEGAS- Jan. 8, 2009 - Storage Appliance Corp. - the company whose portable backup systems make backing up computer data manually a thing of the past - unveiled an array of much-anticipated additions to the Clickfree ( lineup of products and features today during CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

Clickfree has evolved traditional storage technology applications into a modern-day solution that makes saving digital content as easy as connecting your computer via USB cable to the Clickfree backup drive. Clickfree devices are designed to automatically start, search, organize and backup your computer's digital files.

"These latest additions to our lineup of products and features demonstrate yet again why the Clickfree name has become synonymous with effort-free computer backup," said Storage Appliance Corp. CEO Bryan McLeod. "We continue to advance the capabilities of our personal storage devices to make the backup process as simple and intuitive as it can possibly be. Our latest offerings are sure to be a real hit with customers."

The latest new Clickfree products unveiled at CES 2009 include:

* Clickfree 1 Terabyte Backup Drive: The 1 TB Clickfree Backup Drive is an innovative computer backup device that's perfect for small and medium enterprises or home offices where users need to backup multiple computers. Based on a larger 3.5-inch hard drive, the 1 Terabyte Clickfree Backup Drive is the latest addition to the hard drive-based Clickfree lineup. As expected with all Clickfree products, there is no need to install or configure any software. Just connect the device to a USB port and it does the rest. The backup application starts automatically, searching and backing up data without requiring any user interaction. The drive stores 220,000 songs, 440,000 photos, and over 2 million documents. Retail price is $249.99.

* Clickfree Transformer USB Cable: Convert any external hard drive into a Clickfree backup drive. There's no need for any backup software - just plug the Transformer Cable into your PC and plug any size of external hard drive from any manufacturer into the other end of the Transformer. The Clickfree backup application will automatically start, search the computer, organize and backup all of your important data onto the external hard drive. As expected with Clickfree, there is no software to install or set up and over 400 file types are automatically backed up. Use one Clickfree Transformer with many 2.5" or 3.5" external hard drives, giving them all Clickfree simplicity. Retail price is $59.99.

* Clickfree Transformer Combo with 320GB hard drive: The Clickfree Transformer can convert any external hard drive into a Clickfree backup device. For those customers that may not have an external hard drive, Clickfree has bundled one with their Transformer cable. There's no need for any backup software - just plug the Transformer Cable into your PC and plug the included hard drive (or any other external hard drive) into the other end of the Transformer and backup will automatically start. Retail price with a 320GB hard drive is $189.99.

* DataGuard Clickfree DVDs: Clickfree DVDs are perfect for single use scenarios where data needs to be backed up for archival purposes. The incorporated backup application and DVD burning software make the entire backup process a breeze. Triple Guard Protection feature provides extra security from scratches, blemishes and dust. Retail price is $19.99 for a package of 5 DVDs.

* Total Backup Clickfree DVDs: Now one Clickfree DVD will backup all content types. For customers that want to backup all of their content to DVD, the new Total Backup Clickfree DVD is perfect. The incorporated backup application and DVD burning software make the entire process a breeze. Clickfree Total Backup DVDs automatically back up over 400 file types to cover every office, e-mail, photo and music application. Retail price is $14.99 for a package of 5 DVDs.

Advanced new Clickfree product features unveiled today at CES 2009 include:

* Mac Support: Clickfree products are now Mac compatible. Simply plug any Mac- supported Clickfree product into a USB connection and Clickfree does the rest. Mac requirements: MacOS X 10.5 Leopard, Intel Processor, 100 MB of free space.

* Restore Data by Category and to original locations: Completely revamped restore feature now lets you restore files by category, such as Photos. The application will also automatically restore all files to their original locations on the computer without the user having to know anything more about them.

* Migration: Save valuable time and avoid hassles when moving data from one PC to another - just use the new restore tool integrated into Clickfree products. The migration tool supports migration from Windows XP to Windows Vista and Windows Vista to Windows XP-based computers. MS Outlook is fully supported by the restore tool. Backup e-mail from one PC and restore it to another instantly, even backup files from a PC and restore to a Mac.

* Instant Uploading of Photos to Facebook, MySpace and more: Clickfree now comes with integrated support to upload photos to networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

* Integrated Music Player: Listen to music directly from the backup application. No need to restore the files to a PC or to launch another application just to listen to a tune. The integrated music player is built into the backup application for your convenience.

* Thumbnail View for Video: With built-in thumbnail view, identify and select your videos, click the restore button and you are done!

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