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Chromira Celebrates 500th Installation

Carpinteria, CA, February 3, 2009 -- ZBE, Incorporated announces the 500th installation of its Chromira brand LED digital photographic printers, for the "Golden Knights" - the US Army's official parachuting team. A Chromira 5x ProLab was installed in their Fort Bragg, NC facility to replace their 30" roll-to-roll printer, which was the fifteenth Chromira ever installed.

"[We] originally got our Chromira - #15 - from [another] unit at Fort Bragg. Now, I have #500," says Sergeant Joel Rowley, Lab Manager of the Golden Knight's media relations facilities. "[With our ProLab], I just hit a button and print all day. That's how I make command happy; they ask for something and I can give it to them right away. It's very efficient. We got rid of our darkroom, [have] many hours a week in time saving, [and] space is saved without the processor and cutting paper table."

The Golden Knights is the official parachute team of the US Army, based in Fort Bragg, NC -- the "Home of the Airborne." Created in 1959 and officially recognized by the Army in 1961, the Golden Knights is considered to have the best parachuting teams in the world. The Golden Knights represent the US Army's Department of Defense and support both its recruiting and public relations efforts.

The US Army Golden Knights continually prints on its Chromira to support these recruiting and public relations efforts. It puts together 8x10 press packets, media kits for advertising, promotion, and recruiting purposes, and personalized 16x20s and 18x24s as mementos and expressions of gratitude. Next year, the Golden Knights will be ramping up its printing as it will be documenting the celebration of its 50th anniversary, which will kick off in March with the participation of celebrities who have jumped with them in the past and will end in December with an alumni reunion.

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