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News Launches Largest Live Picture Bin

Gloto Corp., a firm focused on the monetization of rich media that comes from User Generated Content (UGC), has launched an object example of their technology, a campaign called "World." is about the lowest possible "Mean Time to Display & Monetization." Here's how it works: users submit photos from their camera phones or computers to a unique email address. Then the picture instantly appears in the web-based viewer, as shown for the "World" campaign. The campaign seeks to attract photos of all types from all around the world.

"It's virtually impossible to overestimate the need for speed, especially on the Internet," said Warren Citrin, CEO and Co-founder of Gloto Corp. "The web has been characterized by pretty static photo catalogs, whereby there tends to be a delay between when a submitted picture can be first viewed, and when it can thus be monetized. We've built robust infrastructure that any site can use to encourage users to submit photos, and make them available for viewing and monetizing as close to instantly as is possible."

With the "World" campaign, pictures appear instantly- that is, they are unmonitored. However, properties deploying Cellblock functionality can choose to "monitor" incoming pictures before they are allowed to go "live" in the viewer. "We've built a series of web-based tools for properties to make monitoring of incoming UGC easy and fast," said Eric Conn, President and Co-founder of Gloto Corp. "And we have functionality to close the loop, such that the user that submits a photo gets back an email or cell phone text message indicating the picture is live, and a URL to go straight to it."

The "U" in UGC is for user, and few users carry their digital cameras with them at all times. But virtually everyone carries a cell phone these days, and according to Future Image, Inc., some 83% of cell phones are now equipped with cameras, with megapixel ratings that grow by the quarter.

Participating in the "World" campaign is easy and requires no special software. Camera phone users simply snap a photo and email it to the email address. Alternatively, photos can be submitted from one's PC, via an email attachment.

Sites that seek Cellblock functionality, or brands that seek to use the functionality in online ad campaigns/microsites, should contact Gloto Corp.

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