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Cell Phone Photos A Snap for Sony SnapLab System

Sony SnapLab

LOS ANGELES, November 6, 2008 - Cell phone cameras have become enormously popular, changing the way we capture, store and share images. Now, using Sony's SnapLab, a stand alone professional digital photo printer, savvy cell phone retailers are creating new market share for digital photofinishing by providing their customers with the ability to produce high quality prints from their cell phone.

Platinum Wireless, a Los Angeles-based national sales and distribution company whose main focus is the wireless industry, has already sold hundreds of SnapLab systems to cell phone retail locations across the country. According to Platinum Wireless, by providing photofinishing targeted to cell phone customers, the company has developed a value-add service for customers that brings them back into stores creating cross-selling opportunities.

"The SnapLab system is one of those rare products that offer an exceptional and unexpected new opportunity for cell phone retailers," said Alex Aladort, director of business development, Platinum Wireless.

"The value to the retailer goes well beyond selling prints. Providing this valuable service for the customer keeps them coming back into the store time and again, opening opportunities for them to purchase accessories and other high margin items."

Aladort noted that the SnapLab's Bluetooth® capabilities are key for transferring photos. Many cell phones "pair up" with the printer via these wireless links to send images directly to print. The SnapLab system is simple to operate, and training for employees to master the Bluetooth connectivity is a simple extension to their existing knowledge of cell phones.

Saving Precious Memories with SnapLab

According to Aladort, cell phone photos have, until recently, been treated as disposable despite the treasured moments they capture. Unlike digital cameras, consumers always have the cell phone handy to get images otherwise missed. When it comes time for customers to upgrade their phones, however, the pictures often get discarded because no one has offered the means to preserve the images. The arrival of Sony's SnapLab system changes that. Once retailers prompt customers to print pictures at the end-of-life for their cell phone, they also provide a reason to return to the store time and again after for additional prints.

The SnapLab Advantage

For Aladort, the Snaplab system's quality, simplicity and value are key elements to capitalize on the cell phone photo market. First, the unit's professional dye-sublimation process delivers lasting prints far superior to what can be created with inexpensive computer-based home ink jet printers. By the same token, the SnapLab system is cost effective compared to larger digital kiosks and labs. The small "footprint" makes it an easy addition to any retail environment. Ease of operation, too, means that a minimal investment in employee training yields professional results.

According to Platinum Wireless, the company has made marketing the SnapLab system to clients a major initiative because of the opportunity it affords. Providing in-store banners helps drive purchases, but the employee and owner response has generated a powerful word-of-mouth presence.

"Bottom line is that our clients love their SnapLab because it adds value for their business. When the merchant is a satisfied customer, it's an easy sell," said Aladort.