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Canson Announces New Inkjet Fine Art and Photo Range

Canson announces a new inkjet fine art and photo range with the Canson Infinity. The company says Infinity defines a new quality standard for Fine Art and Photo inkjet printing by incorporating exclusive manufacturing and coating technologies.

Jacques Joly, managing director of Canson International says: "We are proud to introduce an all-encompassing range of 14 different media to address all digital photographers and printmakers needs. We have been listening to artists, photographers, print makers, photo and fine art reproduction labs, digital artists and also amateurs. This is why I am absolutely certain that, thanks to the combination of expertise and this listening approach, our new Canson Infinity range will fully address the expectations of the Fine Art and Photo devotees wanting to create print reproductions."

The 14 new Canson Infinity media products offer a choice of four different surface structures:

Smooth surface: Edition Etching Rag 310gsm, BFK Rives 310gsm, Arches Velin Museum Rag 315gsm and 250gsm

Ultra smooth surface: Rag Photographique 310gsm and 210gsm, Rag Photographique Duo 220gsm, Photogloss Premium RC 270gsm, Photosatin Premium RC 270gsm

Textured surface: Arches Aquarelle Rag 310g and 240g, Montval Aquarelle 310g, Montval Torchon 280g, Mi-Teintes 170g

Canvas: Museum Canvas Water Resistant Matte 440gsm, Artist Canvas Professional Gloss 390g, Artist Canvas Water Resistant Matte 390g

The Canson Infinity range with its unique coating properties has been engineered to allow optimum color gamut, an incomparable D-Max and ensure maximum resistance to aging.

The products offer a high level of detail and an image clarity that will impress even the most demanding artists. Cut sheets and rolls up to 60'' width are available for shipment.

Heidi Vincent, International Product Manager for Digital fine Art and Photo explains: "Our range, tested by the Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., has been developed with a new process that has enabled us to get an un-rivalled whiteness without using Optical Brightening Agents on many of our papers. This technological innovation addresses the concerns of artists, museum managers, art and photo collectors."

Chris Crangle, International Director of Sales and PR for Canson Infinity, has solid experience of over a dozen years as a key force in the progression of the fine art and photo digital printing marketplace, and has used his expertise about this market to contribute to the development of the new Canson Infinity range. Crangle states, "This new Canson Infinity range has real character! It offers amazing properties that cannot be found anywhere else! For example: Traditional print makers who are switching to Inkjet technology are going to find, in a digital version, the original and unique mould made, 100% rag, printmaking paper ; BFK Rives, which has been produced for more than 500 years and used throughout centuries for lithography, intaglio etchings, and engravings by world-renowned artists. Other traditional papers, including Arches Aquarelle, Montval Aquarelle, Montval Torchon, and Mi-Teintes, from Canson and Arches, are now offering their characteristics to photographers and artists wanting to print digitally using legacy papers."

Canson is a worldwide leader in Fine Art paper making and manufacturing.