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Calumet, Hasselblad Team up on Sales of Integrated High-end Digital Cameras and Backs

Chicago, IL - March 2, 2009 - Calumet Photographic, with its 29 retail locations across the US and Europe, Internet and direct sales specialists, has become the world-wide leading supplier of digital backs and medium format digital cameras.

Customers have grown to appreciate and respect many of Calumet's unique advantages, such as skilled and experienced sales associates, a wide range of demo and rental equipment, installation services, and extensive after-sales support.

However, the market has changed significantly in the past two years. Camera platforms and systems have evolved and vigorous price reductions have increased affordability. From Calumet's perspective, Hasselblad has actively influenced consumers with its decisions and has clearly become the market and technology leader.

For Calumet in the USA, this means an increased focus on distributing Hasselblad high-end products. To this end, all Calumet stores have increased stock levels substantially with demo and rental equipment. Currently, all retail locations offer Hasselblad H3DII cameras with 31-, 39- and 50-megapixel backs in their rental departments.

Jack Showalter, President of Hasselblad USA, and Calumet CEO David Drew are in full agreement that excellent service and high-quality products are essential to generating success. Networking retail stores, rental equipment, demo facilities, and installation services is absolutely key in today's market.

Although prices are decreasing and the chance to purchase a high-end Hasselblad camera has become within reach of a larger group of customers, it is still a big investment for photographers. Hasselblad and Calumet wish to meet the expectations of their partnership and will be introducing exciting new offers in the upcoming months, beginning with a special FREE two-day test drive with any Hasselblad demo at a Calumet store. For more information, go to or call 1-800-CALUMET (225-8638).