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California Sunbounce Puts Pro Reflector System to the Test

Garlstorf near Hamburg, Germany, January 26, 2009-- The German light-modulating-photographic-equipment manufacturer CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE, has recently tested his famous worldwide patented reflector system SUN-BOUNCE PRO with high end single lens reflex camera Olympus D-SLR E3. Capturing snowboard jumps on top of Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze, the innovative California Sunbounce system has proved to be a perfect tool for sports and action photography.

CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE reflectors are well-designed light modifiers and enhancers that allow controlling location lighting. Their rectangular shape reflects and amplifies natural light. The SUN-BOUNCE MICRO-MINI reflector was honored with the American Photo Editor's Choice Award 2008 together with its optional FLASH BRACKET SFB. Natural lighting conditions sometimes mean a great challenge to sports photographers. Under the extreme bright sun at the Zugspitze, the SUNBOUNCE systems proved it's outstanding capabilities in terms of enhancing frame speed and lighting quality.

Using his own high speed flash, the digital E3 - currently the fastest auto focus in the market - was able to capture a sizable number of 5 images per second in high resolution. The Sunbounce gear substantially increased the performance of the Olympus camera systems capturing a series of stroboscopic images at the fastest shutter speed: the bright sunlight on the snow-covered mountain was reflected flicker-free by the zebra surface of the SUN-BOUNCE PRO. The 51"x74 inch (130x190 cm) size reflector constantly illuminated a space of 20x27 ft (6x10 meters). No flash or other lighting equipment was necessary for making the still images of the jumping snowboarders in the course of their movement.

SUNBOUNCE systems are perfect lighting solutions for professional and serious amateur photographers and filmmakers. The high quality reflectors, diffusers and gobos are modular, economical, quick to set up, lightweight and efficient. They are ruggedly constructed using interchangeable reflecting surfaces fitted over frames of aluminum tubing. Designed by a photographer for photographers, the California SUNBOUNCE system assembles and breaks down in seconds. There is no need for extra lighting, staff, power generators or flashes.

Photographers and filmmakers can go on the road only with their camera, tripod and SUNBOUNCE products packaged in small and convenient carrying cases. The reflectors are equally well suited to handheld and light stand use. Whether one chooses artificial studio light, the sunís natural light, on-camera flash, or a combination of two or more light sources, SUNBOUNCE products are able to modify the subject in a way that it distinguishes a picture taker from an artist.

These quality materials work for all different applications and light situations. Californa SUNBOUNCE reflective panels come in various sizes (30"x35", 35"x49", 35"x7", 51"x7", 51"x74" and 70"x96"), shapes, and colors (silver/pearl white, zebra/pearl white and black/ultrabounce) which produce different kinds of lighting moods.

The SUN-BOUNCE PRO panel weighs probably less than a professional camera (4pds or 1.800 gramm). Because the frames keep the material taut one gets more light and greater surface coverage per frame size. The 3-dimensional frame is handcrafted in Germany and made from best aluminum; the synergy of frame and screen gets its super-tension by the permeable elastic screen material used.

All the screens are made from the finest reflective and translucent materials available. The cross bar on the back of the frame and the hand-holds on the side of the reflectors make it easy to grip. Shooting at windy locations is no longer a problem anymore. Unwanted breaks because of unstable conditions (p.ex. when the sun is in and out) can be avoided by flipping over the double-sided panel to the other side of the screen.

SUNBOUNCE reflectors can create strobe light, video light, sun light or any kind of light for video-interviews, photo-portrait-shootings, sports-, action- and press-photography, commercials and live coverages. Please check for more information on accessories such as the SUNBOUNCE FLASH BRACKET, a 24-inch extendible aluminium arm which attaches to the SUNBOUNCE frame and holds a shoe mount for flash or steady light.

California SUNBOUNCE manufactures and distributes perfect light modulating equipment. The company is based in the little town of Garlstorf near Hamburg, Germany.