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Brooke Launches Mini Album System

PMA-Brooke's Mini Album System creates a small and lightweight photo album combining the best of: Quality - a finished album is a classy, fine crafted book; Versatility-in how it is created and how the albums can be displayed and shared; Fresh product offering in a time of increasing need for new and unique ways to display photos.

The Mini Album System uses current digital technologies to create a community friendly product-and accomplishes an industry wish list of printing out more captured images. Mini Albums have a great appeal to the age segment which is not traditionally printing their photos (age 18-29)-this could give them a valid a reason to print. It is expected to have large interest from the younger set (Tweens) also.

When one sees the Mini Albums, a first reaction is the "What's that?" Next is "WOW! That is SOOO CUTE!! (Or a variety of delighted responses)-I need to get these made for my .!"

The magnet closure is a thoughtful, uncomplicated method to secure the albums-no fussing here with a stubborn snap to open or close. The magnet closure also keeps the albums safe from dust or debris on the images in while in your pocket or purse.

Not only are the Mini Album products innovative, but the process to produce them also is. There are two methods and each uses different cutting equipment intended for specific client user types:

The first method is a small footprint system with a turnkey focus on retailers or event printing operations. It uses the Press Cutter 2000--a small-footprint hand operated cutter for the mini and pocket album prints. The die cutter has interchangeable blades but is limited to cutting one sheet at a time, though the interchangeable die blade makes it capable of producing many items on the same system.

The second cutting method uses the HR-1218S, a motorized, heavyweight cutting machine for photo jigsaw puzzles up to 8" x 12", ID cards, fun packs, wallet photos, magnets and more, in addition to the mini and pocket album cutting task. The footprint for this equipment makes it more likely to be used in a back-room operation as opposed to a Retailers' typical limited work-space.

A 5x7 or 8x12 print may not be innovative but the layout process with our software is. Use a pre-designed Photoshop Action (included with the Mini Album system) OR the Mini or Pocket Album Design Tool to place the images with drag and drop simple software, then save as a jpeg, and print the page (either a 5x7 with 18 images for a Cute Mini Album; 40 images for two albums on an 8x12; 4 images on a 5x7-times three sheets-to create a Pocket Album with 12 sides).

Whether using the Actions or Design tool, the layout is simple to create. You accomplish showcasing many photos in a small, very portable album.

The Mini Album System creates a small and lightweight photo album combining the best of many features. A finished album is a classy, fine crafted book. It looks and feels like an album--not a folded photo product or a keychain with a photo inserted into a plastic holder. The Mini albums require no batteries to operate, unlike multi-visual photo frame key chains.

A related item to the Cute Mini Album (the Zoom Album) can only be created with an inkjet printer on a proprietary precut-adhesive blank. The finished Cute Mini Album or Pocket Album pages will have been trimmed and corner-rounded, affecting the visual impact and perception of quality in the final product.

Mini Album prints can be made with any output method (silver halide, inkjet, dye-sublimation printer, color copy etc.). Output devices today come in many sizes and price levels-this does not require any unique type of printer or specific printing process-just turn out a 5x7 for the Retailer Mini Album cutting (manual) system or an 8x12 for the Puzzle Machine/Mini Album (motorized) cutter. This makes the Mini Album system very attractive to businesses starting out with a low end (cost) personal printer capable of producing 5x7's.

One critical test we have for equipment we offer is, "How versatile is this equipment?" The Mini Album System answers this in the interchangeability of the dies for both the Turnkey Retail system and the Jigsaw Puzzle/Mini Album equipment. Each can be used for a variety of end products, not only for a single dedicated purpose.

The Mini Albums are a fresh product offering in a time of increasing need for new and unique ways to display photos.

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