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Big House Studio Goes Green
Big House

SAN FRANCISCO , Dec. 5 -- Big House Studio announced today it will auction several ultra-luxury gifts on eBay this month, with a portion of proceeds to benefit environmental causes. Items to be auctioned include a Diamond Silver Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG roadster, a pair of Imperial Cipherencryption mobile phones (formerly used by oil and gas executives), and exclusive access opportunities to the Big House Siberia Rally Photo Archive (, a never-before-seen collection of private photographs taken during the Big House pilgrimage to the Pole of Cold. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to a renewable energy nonprofit organization.

Established in 1998 to capture the creative energy unleashed by the Internet and digital photography and film, BIG HOUSE Studio's exclusive client list includes many of the world's best-known photographers, a select group of celebrities and executives, and a diverse array of global brands such as Adobe, Siemens, Forbes, Lamborghini, 7x7, Wired, GenArt, eBay, Williams-Sonoma, Pony, Adidas.

Recognizing the importance of supporting a sustainable energy strategy in every aspect of life, Big House has identified key corporate properties to be sold in an effort to encourage greater environmental awareness.

"We saw this as an opportunity to use our business model, which includes frequently updating a variety of corporate assets, to help out a local eco-based charity organization. It's our way of going green for the holidays," said Big House studio manager Amy Chun.

Items to be auctioned include a mint-condition Range Rover classic, a Mercedes SLK55 AMG roadster, and a pair of secure mobile phones -- used, ironically, by oil and gas executives to prevent government and illicit eavesdropping -- as well as new Imperial Cipher PDA mobile phones, images from the Siberia Rally art collection, and limited access to a special internet exhibition (

In 2003, the Siberia Rally was broadcast via the Internet to in a month-long special chronicling Reggae singer Lenky Roy's journey as he raced across the oil and mineral-rich Siberian winter wonderland. Lenky and the BIGHOUSE photographers (Team TAKIMA) encountered a myriad of colorful characters including three Santa Clauses from different cultures. This tremendously popular travelogue has attracted attention since then, even though it features only a handful of the dozens of images captured during the journey.

With this auction, Big House opens the archives for the first time. Those who purchase access may enter the online gallery until June 2007. After that, the archive will be sealed from the public, visible only through individual image licensing. A documentary film chronicling the Siberia Rally is slated for release in spring 2007.

"Limited archive access is a great opportunity for us to let people explore an exotic and beautiful part of the world few get to see, and do something to benefit the environment at the same time," said Chun.

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