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Beckham Galaxy Debut to Mark New Era in Sports Photography

David Beckham

July 19, 2007 -- Images of David Beckham's planned debut for LA Galaxy against Chelsea on Saturday were used by UK-based PA Photos to trial a new release of ShootLive, a photo service that will herald a new era in how sports photography reaches Web sites, mobile phones and other media outlets.

The match was covered by PA Photos, the photographic agency of the PA Group, the UK's national agency, which has a world reputation for covering leading soccer events. ShootLive is a digital photography process that allows PA photographers to get their action pictures to a customer's new media offering within minutes.

Developed by PA Photos, this latest release of ShootLive will allow pictures to appear on authorised sites and devices within minutes of the kick-off of a football match. The new development gives ShootLive a world lead in terms of its speed and total solution from pitch to page.

"ShootLive is bringing action photography to end users faster than ever before and in a way that means our customers save time in editing and placement," said ShootLive Marketing Director Mark Habgood.

"We believe ShootLive will represent a landmark in the delivery and presentation of sports photography in the new media world. We are already talking to several organisations who represent some of the leading sporting events."

ShootLive automates the digital photography process from photographer to consumer to deliver edited and captioned images from events in 'real time'.

The latest development will allow new media organisations to automatically publish the maximum number of in-game pictures directly to their digital platforms.

PA Photos is the photo agency of the PA Group, offering news, sports and showbiz pictures, past and present from around the world. Photos have been an integral part of PA for over a century, and delivered on the wire every day since 1945. In this latest development, pictures are transmitted around the world within minutes of camera click direct to end user platforms.

ShootLive is an innovative system that delivers 'real time' photography from sports, entertainment or news events for new media applications and to newspaper picture desks within minutes of the action happening.

The pictures are transmitted from the ShootLive system carried by the photographer to PA Photos' operations centre, where an editor selects, edits and captions the best photos.

ShootLive combines images, commentary and data to deliver multimedia experiences to digital platforms. With this unique platform, PA Photos delivers record numbers of images in real time from major sporting and entertainment events to UK and international customers.

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