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Barbieri Electronic Launches Spectro LFP Series 2

Italy--December 2008-- BARBIERI electronic launches a new edition of their well-known spectrophotometer Spectro LFP. This new special measuring device has several improvements which makes it more user-friendly and versatile, according to the company. The new Spectro LFP is faster, easier to use and runs under MAC too.

At Photokina 2004 the Spectro LFP was shown for the first time. Customers within short understood the benefits which this great device would offer them. Today it is a fundamental brick of the wide, super wide and flatbed printing market. And now, four years after his introduction BARBIERI electronic launches a new edition, the Spectro LFP Series 2.

Same as his predecessor, the Spectro LFP Series 2 is able to measure any kind of media - also transparent ones. Some examples of media which Spectro LFP customers successfully measured are: fabrics, banner, backlit film, cardboards, paper, gypsum plates, banner, ceramics, wood, glass, metal plates, vinyl, plastic plates and many more.

Improvements of the Spectro LFP Series 2 are:

- Approx. 30% faster than his predecessor

- More user friendliness (the measuring aperture will now be switched between small and large one also by software)

- Changed design (it comes in light gray / black with a big clipping of the BARBIERI logo)

- Measurement software Profile-Xpert Gateway and therefore also the Spectro LFP Series 2 runs under MAC too.

The Spectro LFP Series 2 (and according software) allows you to:

- Print right colors on any kind of media (also on very special media such as transparent ones)

- Save money due to Ink reduction

- Save time due to automatic and fast measurements

- Save media due to getting the right results immediately

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