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Athentech Imaging Unveils New Inventions, Upgrades to Perfectly Clear Image Correction Solutions for Consumers, Labs

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source: Athentech

COLOGNE, Germany-September 23, 2008-(PHOTOKINA) - Athentech Imaging Inc., creator of industry-leading Perfectly Clear® automatic turnkey image-correction technology, exhibiting powerful new Perfectly Clear® inventions now available for license -- as well as improved solutions for any organization wishing to automatically correct large batches of photos via lab software - during photokina ’08, the world’s largest international photo conference and trade show.

These upgraded solutions enhance image quality and would extend Perfectly Clear® into a greater range of profitable imaging applications, the company said today.

In addition, Athentech is giving photokina attendees a "peek" at its much-anticipated Perfectly Clear® PRO image-correction software for professional photographers, which is currently under development. Athentech is displaying its Perfectly Clear® solutions in Hall 4.1, Aisle B, Booth 11, where parties can find out more about what is quickly becoming the de facto industry standard for automatic image correction. Information also is available online at:

"Over the past year, we've enjoyed tremendous growth and acceptance as the very best solution for imaging enterprises whose interest in offering an image-correction capability has led them to search for a reliable developer to team up with," Athentech President Brad Malcolm said.

"With the new inventions and products we're showing at photokina, we expect our appeal to increase further. We're demonstrating to a wide range of imaging providers how Perfectly Clear® can be integrated into their applications for 'real color' reproduction, which has been shown to increase consumers’ print orders -- and that’s is everyone's objective. And very soon this same capability will be available to professional photographers and photo enthusiasts."

The ability of Perfectly Clear® image-correction technology to recreate the image seen by the photographer but not captured by the camera, and to do it virtually in the blink of an eye, is now even more robust thanks to the following recent improvements:

· Face detection - The incorporation of face detection technology from Tessera Technologies (formerly FotoNation) results in an even more robust solution to ensure exact exposure and color reproduction for what is the most viewed part of a photograph: the face.

· Beautiful skin tones - Refinements now enable corrections that show more detail in the face with a more natural skin hue and color.

· Greater shadow detail / Better highlights - A core strength - brightening each individual pixel while maintaining real color with zero artifacts - is even stronger now to draw out more details in the shadows and maintain detail in highlight areas.

· Sharper images - A series of powerful, unique algorithms have been enhanced to deliver a crisp-looking photo that is still artifact-free.

These improvements complement a list of core capabilities that include:

· Optimal exposure – Exposure is gauged and corrected on a pixel-by-pixel basis, as if each pixel was exposed by a separate aperture.

· Color vibrancy - If an automatic check determines that the camera sensor failed to capture the full vibrancy of colors in the picture, an algorithm engages to restore the full color vibrancy.

· Contrast / Depth - Using unique algorithms from the medical imaging field retrofitted for photo applications, pictures are corrected to provide full contrast and depth.

· Abnormal tint removal - Where the sensors of a camera pick up and reflect an excess of color from lights, body heat or some other source, patent-pending algorithms remove these tints.

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